Brazilian Jiu Jitsu FTW, and MAYHEM!!!!

by Peter Marus

For the pase couple weeks, I have been taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.  it's a form of martial arts that ws made famous by the Gracie family.  It's a mixture of Judo and wrestling where the goal is to try to put on a joint lock or choke hold to make the opponent submit.  It's like watching a human chess match, where one slight mistake will lead to a loss.

WHy did I choose this?  I did it for several reasons.  First, I wanted to get more excersize, and I figure a martial art will give me that.  Second, I wanted to challenge myself physically as much as mentally.  Bingo on both those accounts.  I also wanted to see if learning this will help me become a beter person.  FInally, some of my favorite Mixed martial arts fighters -Matt Serra, Frank Mir, Jake Shields, Jason Miller, Roy Nelson-are masters of this art and I wanted to learn more about it  

So far this has been great for my body, I've never felt better.  Sure I've felt sore, but I remember a quote the famous Mixed Martial Artist named Pat Miletech one said: "Pain is just fear leaving the body."  It's a challenging workout, and it's something I think my body needs.  After a class, I may be sore, but i feel alive.  I also notice if I dont' do anything for several days, my body acts like it's in withdrawal.  I thnk my body is addicted to this stuff, and I ain't complaining.  I know this experience will finally get me to drop some weight.  I say that because the amount of sweat and work is extreme.  The gi I have to wear is soaked in my sweat and the sweat of the other people in the class as I spar with them.  

One thing I like is the fact that it's nothing but positivity in the class.  Everyone helps each other either by teaching some move, or helping someone get better at a situation.  THere's no shit talking or egos in the class but at the same time when people are sparring, it's competitive.  THis is something that will make you humble, but appreciative and rewarding when you get that passing of the guard done correctly, or whatever you are trying to accomplish.  

I think this is the first step to a better life.  I hope to do classes three times a week, and the other days take up yoga to get more flexibility, something you need in this.  I hope to lose some weight and stop feeling like a slob.  I understand there are some sacrifices I have to make-even give up season tickets, but in the end it will be worth it.  THe mental stimulation I get is just as awesome as the physical.  I am trying to study as much as I can about the sport, and I attended a competition my teacher was competing in.  It was slightly different than what I have been doing-no gis, shorts and tight shirts-but it was a well worth experience.  I saw a lot of what this sport has to offer, and I came away with some knowledge.  

I probably could write more, but I'm sleepy. I'll just leave you with this video of one of my favorite fighters in his last match: