Soccer, Soccer=Satan, Regular everyday normal guy, Chacarron!!!

by Peter Marus

For Christ sakes, it's been a while since I wrote.  I am sorry for those who are disappointed by that.  I"ve been stresses out and too busy dealing with bullshit.  


OK, lets just clear some things up.  First is the soccer situation.  I still love the idea of the ESC and GSS.  I intend to vote in elections and still be a member of both.  I dont' like many of the aspects of both, and some of the bullshit that goes on between the two groups.  Some people make me embarrassed to be associated with either groups.   I'm still considered a "hater" by some, but given the time I put in, I know what I'm saying is right, and it's a shame many wont see my view, but hey some see things how they see it.  I still tend to go to games despite not having season tickets this year.  I intend to hang out with a few of those who "get it" and ave a good time with them.  Maybe I'll go hang with the Supporters club, depending on how much confrontation I am in the mood for (rumblings on the ground is some don't want me anywhere near any of the bars associated with certain clubs).  


Speaking of those who "get it", gotta hang out with them soon, assuming they can make it somewhere near Newark/Harrison one night.  Also have to stop by one of their store so he can call me a hater in person rather than digitally.


BJJ is still going strong.  I'm studying it, and learning as much as I can.  I think I am still new and bad, but most say I am improving.  I am sill learning not just for the sport but for life.  


I'll write a longer entry this week, when I get something going in my head and decided to put it in writing.


Some videos:


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