Beckham, GaGa, Election '10, SF Giants and God, Easing Primal Urges

by Peter Marus

Looking at the stats of my site, apparently if I write about David Beckham or Lady GaGa, people go bullshit and read those blog posts.  Whereas, I'm giving real knowledge to help people elevate to higher plains of reality and just be better people and that's all on a pay no mind list.  I could be the puss and do the SEO thing and always put Beckham and GaGa in the title, but I rather have no one read this and get what they want than tons of hits from some tweens or some jackasses getting all shocked and shit of reading something their pea-brains can't handle.

Speaking of not getting what they want, I'll sum up the elections:  two years ago, people voted to see a Public Enemy-style of government change and direction, but they got nothing more than a Nick Cannon-type of government.  This past week was the people wanting a refund just before they started throwing firebombs in the concert venue.  Also, how cruel can God be? he gave San Francisco a World Series title, but then didn't allow Legalized pot then had the government there in short kill Happy Meals.   

I now know another valid reason to do Jiu Jitsu or any physical activity.  Joe Rogan brought this up on his podcast: Men, and especially kids, have this primal energy that makes them crazy and uncontrollable.  Ever see how batshit a little male child can be?  Here's an idea: enroll the kid into a sport, martial art, or whatever physical activity that they are interested in, and let them go buck-wild in it.  After they are done, they're too tired to do anything else and there's no stress.  See, doing that physical activity gets that primal urge to destroy, go to war, rape and pillage, or whatever that energy is out of the kid (or adult).  After a class of Jiu Jitsu, I'm so drained of my energy, I don't care about whatever issues or stress I had before.  THe best part is that you are social in it where you are doing this activity with a group of individuals who are consenting to the same activity, and there is nothing but respect and a level of energy that is not negative.  Just people doing something to better each other, get some stress off, and have fun.

Then again, this type of HEALTHY activity is slowly being taken away by lawyers and people who just don't get it.  it's this bigoted ignorance that is slowly killing this nation.  Parents are to blame to a point, on both parts of the spectrum, but it's so many factors that are causing the decay of their children's health and causing a lot of the problems facing the children and those coming up to replace the last great generation of humans (mine).  What's coming up now are a bunch of spoiled brats that are nothing more than just human resources and sheep.