Non Scholae Sed Vitae

by Peter Marus

"Not for school, but for life."

This Latin phrase was the motto of my high school, and I never really thought about what it really meant.  Last night it really sort of came to light what it really meant.

Saturday night was a dinner for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school I go to.  It as a great time seeing all the schools my professor runs come together and celebrate and enjoy good food and good people.  After the giveaways where I got a sweet pair of shorts (but means I have no excuse to not go to no-gi BJJ), and the belt promotions, the Professor adressed us all and said that he learns from us as much as we learn from him, and he said that it's not just in BJJ, just life in general.  When he said that, it really hit me.

My professor is probably one of the nicest men I've met.  He's a soft spoken guy, who dedicates himself to his students as much as he dedicates himself to his family.  His kindness, patience, and just positive attitude makes me want to do good and right by him.  I don't want to disappoint the man, since he gives so much and it would be a shame to not at least give 100% all the time in every class I attend.

Where does the motto fit in?  Well what I learn outside of the moves are core principals of how to handle myself in certain situations-keep my cool, breathe, don't just lay there on your back but do something to improve the position you are in.  These are things I want to use in my life outside of class.  Also one of the biggest things I've learned, which I may have written about before, is just be positive and help others.   This is what sold me on the school.  I"ve learned more from everyone in my class, not just the professor, and they are all supportive and just good people.  At the dinner it was awesome to see them achieve various levels of promotions, and everyone cheered for each person as they got up to get their award/belt.  After it was all done, I went around congratulating those who were promoted, a couple told me "Keep doing what you're doing, you're getting better and better each day, and you're going to be up there next year getting promoted".  It wasn't one of those BS sayings, it was and felt genuine.  

I left the dinner thinking the following:

1.  I have to step up my game, not just in class, but in life in general.  I need to prepresent the school, my family, and myself in the best way possible.  

2.  I need to focus my life on a few things: working to improve my job situation and possibly getting a better job, take every opportunity to go to BJJ class to work on improving my skills, and just take all I learn and make my life a better, positive existence.  

What I am getting at?  What you have learned in school you apply to your life, even if you don't realize.  Don't ever stop learning, be it in a class or seminar or just talking to older people.  WHatever you learn in a class, you will use in your life.

All the diplomas/certifications in the world are nothing buy paper.  What's the key part of achieving such accolades is in your head and how you apply that to whatever you do.

Non Scholae Sed Vitae