MMA, Links, Health, Job Hunt, happiness

by Peter Marus
     I expanded my links section.  I put a ton of MMA links on there.  those Ignorant of the sport should look at some of them and get educated.  Along with that, those ignorant and bigoted about the sport should read the book "Blood in the Cage: Mixed Martial Arts, Pat Miletich, and the Furious Rise of the UFC" which is probably the most intelligent book written about the sport.  After reading it I defy you to come up and tell me that it's more brutal and crueler than boxing.  MMA is a sport about honor discipline, and respect.  It is to boxing what chess is to checkers.
     My health is improving, despite the nasty cold/flu I had that kept me out of work a couple days.  I got on the scale today to find that since I started my dieting seriously (give or take two weeks), I lost about 10 pounds.  I look a little thinner, and I use a different belt hole on my belt now.  I feel good, and an happy with the diet change.  Instead of being a meat and potato kind of guy, I'm a meat and vegetable and sometimes a starch kind of guy.  I haven't really did any exercise this past week due to me being sick, but that's also helping when I gut it done.  I thought of trying something more for a workout, and at one point (and still am) thinking of taking up a martial art.  I thought of Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu since it is one of my favorite styles to watch.  I just haven't' gotten the time, money, or cajones to seek it out.
     Speaking of time and money, nothing has changed as far as my attitude to my current occupation.  I plan on soon to buckle down nod redo my resume a little bit.  I still have to figure out what field I should look into, since I don't want a repeat of what I did getting this job (where I just took the first thing that came to me with out thinking out if I want to be in this gig.)  What I do know is this: if I can find a job where there is very little to no customer service, where I have to deal with others outside of the company I am working for, I'll be much better off.  the writing thing I am still throwing around, I still need to do a ton of research about to ensure I make an informed decision.  
     I am taking this job hunt really seriously.  I am applying everything I know about life to it.  Most importantly, I am applying that whatever choices I make now, I have to deal with the outcomes from those choices myself, whether they are good or bad outcomes. 
     Overall though, this has been the best time of my life.  I am not a miserable prick nearly as much as I was (and especially not as i was in High School-gee coincidence that garbage is gone and I'm better???), I got a great support system that has gotten better over the past 4 months, and things are just more positive.  Are there things that still worry/frighten me? Sure there are, but they've always been there and I can't control those things at this time so I try not to dwell on them.