by Peter Marus

This is a test run to see how my blog/creation page on my new netbook looks.  SO far it's ok, outisde of the fact it looks a tad wonky, but that can be fixed I hope.  So far, I"ve spent my time uninstalling all the vendor crap on the computer so it all doesn't slow down the computer.  I also am installing some programs I like.  I've installed Safari, Itunes, Google Chrome, and I still have some other stuff to put on here.  I like this litlte thing so far.  I got a Asus Eee PC, and it came with Windows 7.  Between that and the Red Bull hat I found, it's been a weird day having two things I thought I wouldn't have in this house anymore here-Windows and Red Bull gear.  

See, I"m sipping the Red Bull kool-aid, not taking a gulp.