Netbook and job hunt update

by Peter Marus

I am enjoying the netbook.;  I've been using it a ton so far.  I got it partly for my trip in June, so I can keep in touch with people in the states, especially via Skype.  Also I wanted a Windows computer again, just to have one and keep my techieness up there.  I was thinking of revisiting the media center for the living room-but build a PC from scratch.  Actually in the future I may try that so I can have a media hub in the house, as well as check off the "build a PC" on the list of "things I want to do someday".  


The netbook I got is an Asus one, it cost about $300, and came with a stripped down Windows 7 OS.  It's pretty good, not as functional as a full Windows 7 computer, but it does work well.  One thing I hated, and always dread doing, is uninstalling the CRAP vendors put on computers that do nothing but clogs the computer, and leads to trouble down the road.  I sort of understand the need to do so (vendor';s $$), but that greed does tend to lead to problems where there are conflicts in the OS that hogs processing power and slows the system down.  


The overall system feels good on my lap, it's nice and small, and fits well in my bad.  It reminds me of my mom's Acer a lot, and I did think that is a solid computer.  It's just a good cheap computer to have around when I don't feel like going to my room to look stuff up, or if I'm at work during lunch and want to do something like writing and maybe some web stuff.


Let me clarify some stuff as far as you doubters out there about my job search:

-it's a tough market out there  Duh I know, but I got to get out there and try.  Something is better than the garbage I have to deal with now

-You have a job, be happy with that Nah, I am not happy where I am and want t get to a better place where I am appreciated and I want to get there early rather than have to get there early.

-you'd be taking a job away from someone who hasn't had work for a while Fuck them, if they wanted the job more they would have worked harder, now wouldn't they?


What else you doubters want to add to this???  I haven't gotten the resume out yet, but I will soon and then start pimping myself out again.