Red Bull Arena, Monsoon, Prem Soccer Shop, ESC 101, Autographs, Tattoos, Bernard Goldberg, Books, Ron Paul, No Agenda

by Peter Marus

Right now I am writing this while checking out the job sites.  Man it’s really shitty out there.  What sort of sucks is that I really don’t see anything that appeals to me, but at the same time I am pretty much over and done as far as my current job.  And to those without jobs bitching about me and what I say about my situation; stop with the scare tactic of “Be happy you have a job.” Trust me, I am, but at the same time deep down you were in this situation as well, so don’t get righteous about how I shouldn’t try to better myself and my situation.


Anyway, on to other things.  Red Bull Arena debut is delayed a week.  The test opener was cancelled due to the monsoon that hit the area.  They say it was for the safety of the players and fans-which I can see-but the real reason is probably they wanted to keep the field in good shape for the real Grand Opening this coming Sat.  Rain+grass+soccer=a torn-up field.  The ESC had their membership drive and for a shitty day, a good crowd showed up.  Walking to and from the restaurant was horrible due to the horizontal rain coming down.  I had an umbrella with me, but really there was no point for it due to the rain.  As much as the weather was a disaster, taking the train to and from the stadium area was really nice.  I wanted to punch someone on the train passing the stadium going to the ESC party because it felt like Christmas and I had the gift ripped out of my hand.  Also thoughts of this being like a strip club situation passed through my head.  One more week and I get to see a soccer game in a sold-out soccer stadium-something that I never thought would happen in this country.


The next day I went to Hoboken and when to a player signing at the Prem Soccer Shop.  I dropped another good chunk of cash on another Red Bulls jersey and I also put in an order to get some custom lettering on it.  I plan on getting “ESC” on top, and “101” for the number.  As usual, had a first-class experience there, got what I needed, and left satisfied.  I got a mini-ball signed by Juan Pablo Angel and Jeremy Hall.  I plan on trying to fill this ball with as many autographs as I can.  I didn’t have the balls to get a pic, i was just happy to get the autographs.  There is another signing in the city this week, so I may have to see if I can add to the collection.  


Speaking of custom work, I have to stop at the tattoo guy’s shop, FatCat Tattoos,  and talk about when to get the one I have on my arm finished. I hope by the end of the summer to get one more tattoo.  I want to get one to honor my mom and her family, since I have one for my father’s family.


I finished reading a book that made me smile.  It was a book written by one of my favorite journalists, Bernard Goldberg.  it’s called “A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media.” It’s an awesome read if you want to know how the media pretty much gave Obama the election.  Goldberg went through all the major parts and events of the election (Rev. Wright, “Joe the Plummer”, etc.) as well as the overall attitude of the media to Obama, McCain, and even how they turned against Clinton.  It’s an amazing read, and is something that should be read to see how what people call journalism is really them pissing on the true values and ideals of journalism, something Goldberg believes in and lives by.  


I just got a couple other books on my Kindle to read since I just finished this book.  I got Goldberg’s other famous book “Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News”, as well as Ron Paul’s book “End the Fed.”  Both should be interesting reads I am really looking forward to diving into.  I’ll probably start in the morning, and i enjoy reading books like this since I have No Agenda.  Eventually I want to read more about how the healthcare is fucking with us (I have a couple books lined up to read), and read more about just how things are fucked in this nation, and how most of the people are just ignorant of the facts, and rather have the TV/media tell them what to think.