FIOS, Red Bull Arena, GSS, ESC, Gay Bars, I'm Straight

by Peter Marus

I survived five days without internet in my house.  I was without it since I was in transition  from DSL to FIOS.  The FIOS was installed today and it’s a step up from the DSL.  The reason I upgraded is because I want to consolidate a bunch of bills into one.  I have the FIOS internet and phone now, and in a couple weeks I'm going to be getting the TV package as well.  If I can, I'll also have my cell phone bill as will included, so that it’s all one bill.  So far, the service is well.  It is noticeably faster, and that means one thing obviously.  Porn will come faster and more efficiently.  Also it potentially means if I play online Xbox, i won’t be killed as much due to someone else being on a faster line.


I did have some things to kill the time.  Red Bull Arena opened last Saturday.  It was a magical day.  I got to Newark around 12:30 in the afternoon and hit a bar to start the drinking.  The bar I want into is where another supporters club of the team hangs, and it was all good.  I'm one of the more mature ESC guy who respects others, and I’ve had nothing but good things to say about many of this other group, called the Garden State Supporters.  I’ve known several members for years, and many are members of both the GSS and the ESC.  I am now one of them.  I figure at the very least I support good causes, and the people who run the GSS are righteous people.  So when I go to RBA, I need only these things:




It’s my membership cars that works like a Metrocard at the stadium to get in.  It also can have money put on to to use for food or in the team store.  I plan on trying this out one day.  The other cards are my membership cards for the GSS and ESC.  I'm set for gameday.  


After that bar, I hit another where the ESC hangs, had some beers and food, and then went to the stadium early.  I wanted to check it out a bit, as well as the Corner Pub that I paid extra for access to.  I get to the stadium smoking a nice Cuban cigar, get into the stadium, and I see this:



and my first reaction:  a tear came to my eye.


A tear came to my eye for one reason.  Ever since the team has been around in whatever form it has been in, it’s been the second-rate tenant that was pushed around.  Red Bull came in, and believed in the team enough, they shelled out $200 mil for the stadium.  Now this team can not be ignored anymore, and I feel as if I was in a small way part of this.  It was such an emotional moment.  


The stadium is nothing like I’ve ever been in.  It’s open so if you are walking on the concourse, you can still see the game clearly.  It looks modern, and it looks so Euro.  There’s a roof that covers the seats.  It keeps the elements out, but also the sound in, so the atmosphere is damn amazing.  I went to the Pub, and the prices are on par with any in-stadium bar/restaurant-so that means only one or two drinks, and maybe food if I am starving or getting there mid-week for a game after work.  After a time there I went to my seat:




The supporters end is a million times better than in Giants Stadium.  All the groups are in one end, and that means a unified voice.  The team has not only allowed, but helped and paid for, new flags and elements to help make a better atmosphere.  During this year there will be some elaborate displays, and things of that matter, so it’s going to be awesome  One new thing that rules is the flag that 101 unveils after a Red Bull goal that has a devil’s head and says  “Our Home, Your Hell”.  Just the fact that this is the teams home now, where they don’t have to share with anyone or bow down to some shady government agency, made it feel so special. 


After this amazing event, I did something most do.  I hit Manhattan and a club.  it wasn’t any club, but a gay club.  Now, let me explain:  It was for a birthday party and it also was a fundraiser for a couple organizations.  The Birthday Girl wanted to have part of her party there so it was there.  Wasn’t a bad deal, even though I stuck out  like a thumb with my soccer jersey on, shorts, and I was sweaty and stunk.  So hanging out and socializing for a bit, I did what any straight man would/should do: look for the Lesbians.  Luckily there were no bull dykes there, just the hot lesbos.  There were a couple in a corner making out and feeling each other up.  Funny part was one made eye contact with a female friend of mine.  Funny thing is this friend got upset when me and her boyfriend were going to negotiate a deal for a three-way.  


After the party, I went to Brooklyn with the birthday girl and she is sure I am straight and a heterosexual male.  


So that was my weekend without the Internet.  I wasn’t totally without it due to my phone, but for the most part I had no Internet access.