Issues, Frustrations, Return of the iPhone, Saving $, Johnny Cash, Run DMC

by Peter Marus

I’m not going to say anything profound here, just bullshit and get some things off the top of my head.  Saturday was another great time.  the stadium was rocking, the team won, and it’s still surreal how convenient it is to get a beer and food after the game, and just get to and from the game.  I also got some steam off about some issues I have about some situations.  I honestly don’t expect anything to come out of it, since it seems despite the years I have put in, I’m somehow on a pay no mind list with one group.  I have a test now going on to see how real that is, since God forbid i want to contribute and try to improve things.  Anyway depending on results of that, I’ll have to evaluate a few things.  I have to say one place I was hanging out was a much better vibe, as well as it was cool to see some people at this one bar and in one crew not only know of me, but respect and do find me cool.  I told some that my limit is half a season to see about some things before I evaluate what next.   


My patience about some issues is growing thin and I do hope that some issues are resolved.  I have tried to put my hand out in a gesture to help and elevate things, but usually the other person’s back is turned, or it’s-to me-slapped away in an insulting way.  What I mean is that I come up with ideas, present them and have details on how to implement them, and usually it’s either ignored or I get the “we’ll talk later” bullshit.  Then, someone else comes up with the same idea, and the same people who blow me off go apeshit and implements it right away.  I’ve learned that if your hand you offer is slapped away enough time, you should take said hand and smash their teeth down their throats in one way or another.  


Enough of that, although apologies were attempted in some way, it’s not what is required.  In other news I am back with my iPhone, and I am happy.  I am going ot pay a lot in the end, but its worth it.  In short, I left the loyal chick, for the hot new, and exotic foreigner.  Sure it was a nice fling, but in the end I missed the loyal chick.  We clicked on so many levels and it was so simple and easy to find joy.  The exotic one is a little more work to get things right.  So I am going to pay the exotic to go away, and return to the one I should not have left in the end.  I kept my old iPhone and didn’t get the 3GS, since I need the cash to pay off the exotic chick’s pimp.  


The transition back is a little odd, but it’s going well.  I am still probably going to run into some hiccups, but should’t be anything major.  Google Voice works on the iPhone through a web app that Google made.  I’ve been using it, and calling is no problem, and texts work great (I use the iPhone’s msg app, and it goes to a Google central number.  Each text has the name of who sent it if they are in my Address book to say who is sending me a message).  I picked up this today to protect my phone, it’s from a company called Otter Box. It’s a case that make the phone almost indestructible from any damage non-water related.  A little pricy, but if ti keeps my phone in one piece, it’s worth it.  


I also figured out a way to save some money. I have satellite radio, and I decided to get rid of my main subscription and keep the online part.  my idea is that I have an ipod touch that I put the XM app on.  I can listen to XM/Sirius through that online.  I don't get all the channels, but I get my O&A, Ron and Fez, and all my music channels, so it’s going to free up some cash.  


Today I had to buy some more Johnny Cash just to have more of his work to listen to.  I think it was said best that if you don’t like Johnny Cash, get out of this country you are not an American. Say waht you want about the biblibal overtones in his work, he has made a lot of powerful songs about sin.redemption, and responsibility of man.  It really is amazing stuff.  Sure, the last part of his live was doing covers, but he did some goddamn good remakes of songs. Seriously, look up his work, listen to it, and see how wonderful a true American musical icon is.  


 Here’s a couple songs I really like that he has done:


Highwayman (featuring Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson)


Ghost Riders in the Sky:





Redemption shone (feat. Joe Strummer-cover of a Bob Marley song):

Finally a couple RUN DMC tracks, first because I got an awesome t-shirt this weekend inspired by this: 

“King of Rock”:

This because we were singing a modified version of the hook of this in the Supporter’s section last Sat.  It was fitting we all thought, especially after the goal was scored:

Run’s House: