iPad, Gazelle.com, Modern Warfare 2, "End The Fed", Tea Party Movement

by Peter Marus
I've been seeing a ton of stories about the Apple iPad, and the more I research it, the more I am warming up to it.  At this point, if it came with a webcam to use for Skype or video chats, I would have held out and not gotten the netbook I am using right now to write this.  There is quite a bit on it that I really like, and seeing that all my Amazon books can be read on it with the Kindle app, I wouldn't lose the books I have bought.  I could use the app on my phone as well. 
I do have one small regret as far as technology.  I got the map pack for "Modern Warfare 2" tonight, and so far I am not feeling it.  It's limited in what types of games that can be played on the new maps.  I hope that changes, since the styles of games they chose to allow on them suck.  As I said, they were just released, but I hope they are opened up to the games I prefer to play.  
I found a new site that I am going to be using soon, called Gazelle.com.  it's a site sort of like cash for gold, but with consumer electronics.  I want those who read this to check them out, they also recycle elctronics and you can donate whatever money you get for your goods to charity.  It's an intersting site.  I plan on selling my Droid on it, and I may sell my XM receiver on there as well.  I chose to get rid of my XM subscription since I only use it for two shows and nothing more, but I don't listen to it much anymore.  I listen to my music on my iPod, or now online through Pandora.  Any tlak shows I listen to are the podcasts I download.  So audio entertainment isn't hard to find now. Plus I save some cash, which is always good.  
When I'm listening to all this stuff, I am reading books on my Kindle (and maybe in the future it'll be on an iPad).  The book I am reading now is "End the Fed" by Sen. Ron Paul.  It is an eye-opener, and shows how private banks have somehow swindled their way into creating a central bank that has caused most if not all, the economic problems.  These scumbags somehow got this country from a standard based currency, to a system where they control the value of the currency.  Also as it was shown the past year or so, if banks are failing, make more money.  
This book will enrage you and make you think the Tea Party is correct.  I've came to that conclusion.  Look up what Tea Party Movement believe in, and tell me how they are not righteous in what they believe in.  These men and women,who is a more diverse group of people than most "all inviting" Liberal groups, are just pissed that this country is ran by inept scumbags, and change is needed (and not the farce of change Obama represents).  Do your research, and not just believe what the mainstream media says, and you'll see what I mean.