Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Red Bulls, Red Bull Arena, Nigel Farage

by Peter Marus

I spent the other night redoing my resume, since Google Docs suck.  It’s good as a cloud storage space for files to download onto another computer and use Microsoft Office or Apple iWork suites.  I did my resume on on Google Docs, and it looked wonky, but in print preview it looked ok.  I download it to my computer and open it as a .doc in iWork (which I’ve had no issues with formatting), and it looked HORRIFIC!!!  In the end I created an new file, and spent a while rewriting my resume so it can be saved as a .doc file.  It looks good and to me that’s one target completed and conquered.


My next target is simple: What field I want to look into now?  It’s like a catch-22-I want to get out of my current job quickly, but I want to make sure if I’m jumping ship, it’s onto a ship I want to be on.  I was thinking about what I would like in a job, and some of the things I did come up with is:

  • Hours that are either late at night or early in the morning
  • A job where I am not really dealing with customers, some interaction is ok, but I don’t want “customer service” as part of the job
  • One where I am not working with a lot of others, either working with a couple people or by myself
  • A job that could do some writing or some creative work


That’s some of the things I was thinking about.  I was thinking of simply putting whatever interests I have into a search box on one of the job sites and see what comes out.  I am also thinking of going to another Insurance company and just start anew, since the basis of why I want to leave my current job is more the company itself rather than the industry.  Sure I’m in the industry where I’m a scumbag and asshole no matter what I do, but I seem to do OK in it.  Along with maybe going to another insurance company, I’m still looking into civil-service jobs, but that looks like a fleeting place with the tax crunch in some places.  


I also thought maybe some change on the ‘ol karma may help me.  I was thinking of giving money to a cause i believe in and see if the act of doing a righteous thing leads to something good.


Enough about jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs.  I got my Red Bulls Season ticket card today, and once again they did an impressive work on the whole package.  I also bought back into Red Bull when I got a jersey.  I am accepting the situation, and it’s cool.  I got the jersey, along with the new US jersey at Premier Soccer Shop in Hoboken, NJ.  they got an awesome shop over there, and the owner is really cool.  Saturday is the “soft-opening” of the new Arena, and I cant’ wait for it.  It’s also the membership drive of the ESC in Jersey, and it’s going to be a good time.  I also can’t wait for the next day when there are some Red Bull players at the Premier Soccer Shop and I am going to try to get some autographs.  


I also spent some extra money for the Red Bull Corner Pub, which is a sort of exclusive place in the new arena and it’s another place to hang before and after a game.


Despite the crap at my job, the soccer season and some other things in my life have helped me keep myself sane and happy.  Also, I have been reading some books lately on the Kindle, and sometime soon I’ll write about the books I’ve been reading.


Finally, here’s some videos of one of the greatest politicians.  Unlike the spineless ones here in the US outside of Ron Paul, this Englishman is calling out anyone and everyone in the EU.  Here’s some videos of Nigel Farage.  Watch him put the bad mouth on the British Prime Minister, the President of the EU (did you know they united a s a pseudo-United States of Europe and not just economically, but also laws and politics.  Google it).  It’s funny, it’s right, and I hope it doesn’t lead to this guy getting shot.  We need more ballsy guys like Nigel Farage to call out the elitist asses in this world.