by Peter Marus

It's been while since I wrote here.  I've been busy.  I'll break it down short and sweet, which may elf with those with the attention span of a goldfish (but you would be distracted already by that shiny thing by you and not reading this).

-I wrote something where I don't swear, am not borderline racist, or psychotic, and someone published it.  I wrote a piece on, and I wrote another thing for it and I'll see if it will get posted.  

-I completed phase one of my plan to move my money to a community bank.  I closed my savings accounts and now only have a checking account.  I'm keeping it for a while until I switch everything related to it to a new account.  I hope to this week get to a New York Community bank and open an account.  It's gong to be nice to have my money in a responsible bank rather than one crying they are "too big to fail" then steal my money as well as the money of this country.

-I decided to make a big change that I feel I need to.  The past several days made me think of High School cafeteria and a frat house. I HATE either one, but to have both come up made me want to change a few things.  I hate the closeness of groups of the cafeteria when I was in High school, and as far as frats:

1. I don't need to pay to make friends

2.  I am not a closet Homosexual that use "initiations" and hate mongering/crimes as a way to cover-up my gayness

3. I'm secure enough to get laid without resorting to date rape tactics.  

Anyway, ti's something that's been brewing with me for a couple years, but recently I realized I need a change.  An opportunity has come up, and I chose to at least give it a shot.  I am not doing this out of hatred, but more I need to do something different.

If anyone feel they need a better explanation, I don't have to explain myself to any goddamn person.  Sure you may ask, but don't expect an answer or a nice "no".  No one is entitled to anything.