Change, Banking, Teachers screwed over, Justice for Pedophiles, NFL Draft, Phuck Filly

by Peter Marus

'Tis the season of change.  Unlike our President, I don't just talk about change I actually do it.  I cant' stand anyone who barks like a Rottie, but bites like a Poodle.  I especially when someone doesn't live up to what they promise, or speak about what they want to add to help elevate a group of people but they only come up with excuses or pass the buck.  I've had to deal with it for a long time, especially since college.

I changed banks officially, I didn't go with the bank I first thought of going.  I decided to put my money into Amalgamated Bank, a bank I found through a link to the Huffington Post that I was given.  it's shocking how mush my life has changed and improved due to a couple Liberals. I am not sure if I will turn into one of them, I mean I don't feel like an elitist, and I know my shit does stink, but I have slightly soften some of my hardline stances.

One stance I won't change is how fucked up teachers are treated.  Some parts of the country have teacher unions that are so powerful, they have themselves ass-backwards.  When it's a budget crunch situation (like in NY and NJ), Somehow all the good, responsible teachers get hosed-either laid off or pay/benefits slashed-yet the lazy ones, degenerate ones, or kid-touchers stay on and get tenure.  The Pedophile ones enrage me the most.  Here's how all Pedos should be treated:

-No therapy

-No sypathy

-Take a tire

-Put it around the creep's neck

-Fill with gasoline

-Light match

And, boom. Justice served. There's no such thing called cruel and unusual punishment for scum like them.  This also could be applied to negligent parents and those who torture animals as well. The point is that if someone gets off on brutalizing the helpless, they deserve whatever brutal, painful, and humiliating hell they get.

speaking of torture, the NFL draft has been on the past couple nights.  Gives me an excuse to put this up:

Also The Red Bulls play the Philadelphia Union Saturday.  It's going to be a surreal day for me on several levels.  If I am able to I'll put into what I'm talking about into words at some point this week.  And now a word from Bill Burr (who's "Monday Morning Podcast" is one of the best-download the muthafucker)