Liberals and New Jersey, I fit somewhere, "Bulls on Parade", What are they really doing in Barber Shops?

by Peter Marus

Few quick notes:

-A lot of things have been going one in my life, and all the positive ones have been helped by Liberals, and people from Jersey.  Funny, huh?  Usually I'm bashing them here and they end up helping me.  As much as some have enjoyed this, I am not going to change into a Pinko Liberal, and if I were ever to end up moving to Jersey, it'll be as close to NYC as possible. I once had a dream of living in Central Jersey, but that got crushed a while ago.  Still, I thank the bleeding hearts and Jersey people for helping out.  

-Saturday I think I found my niche as well.  For the first time in almost three years, I was in a place where I didn't feel much tension or felt like I was an outsider.  I didn't get brushed of like a commoner by some wanna-be hipsters who thought they were "too cool for the room" when I said hi to them. It felt good.  

-Speaking of Saturday, and this goes to anyone or anything related to the soccer team.  Please, for the love of God, STOP PLAYING "BULLS ON PARADE"!!! Using a song about revolution and about oppression by the military/industrial complex for a fucking soccer team is uncalled for and cheap.  Using the song belittles it's meaning, and message it's trying to communicate.    I know no one will listen to me, andthink I'm being an ass for this, but it bothers me when any message by anyone is pissed on in any way.  Hence why I really don't speak politics with anyone, many people are so closed-minded and bigoted that they can't handle or piss on any others' opinion.  

-Finally, You have to love the hood, and how some businesses say they are one thing but they all are there for one reason-gangsta shit.  I walked by a barber shop that said they "sell" cell phones/pagers, and buy gold.  I'm sure they are all fine, upstanding businesses, just like the ones I walk by in Brooklyn late at night wide open.  I'm sure all the people are in there for the purpose to cut hair or have their hair cut.  Along with the barber shops are the Ladies' hair salon/nail places, and some of the "dispatcher posts" for the cockroaches of the roads called TLC cars.  

and now a video from the former members of House of Pain, and their new group "La Coka Nostra"