I am a fancy man with an iPad!!

by Peter Marus

I decided to type this out on my new iPad. I got it tonight after work. I reserved it last Saturday after going to several Apple Stores in NYC and not getting one. I actually walked from the Apple store by Central Park to the one on West 14th Street. why did I do that, you ask? be cause I'm an idiot. I've been suffering since with some nice blisters on my feet. They haven't made walking fun, especially when some popped today.

So I get my email saying my iPad is at the west 14th Street store ready to be picked up. after work, I get to the store and it's there. I give the Apple guy my debit card, and it's rejected...several times.


The guy was cool and said it's still reserved for me and if I can clear the card thing up by closing time, I can get it. I run across town to a branch of my new bank, and they said my card has a $500 limit for purchases, I thought it was only for ATM transactions. Luckily, the tellers were still open, and I got my cash. I go back to the store, drop the cash on them (I thought "making it rain" would have been a touch much), and left a new owner of a iPad wi-fi.

After dinner with a hot, sexy lady, i came home and opened my iPad. I plugged it in and after playing with the settings, I synced what I wanted onto it. It took a while since iTunes sucks a dick lately. The last couple versions have frozen up while I synced my iPod and phone. It's rumored Apple has fixed it, but I haven't seen it.

Regardless of that, set up was easy. I have been playing around with the apps, and they work well. the iPhone apps when blown up don't look as sharp, but they are useable. I really like the Mail app a lot, and Safari is amazing. the app I a using now, Pages-which I bought before I got the iPad)is ok. I'm still have to get used to the keyboard. I find myself stopping to correct something every couple of words. It's something I have to adapt to I guess.

After only a couple hours, this thing is now my official portable gaming and e-book reader when I am home. Games work great on it, even if they aren't the "hi-def" version. It's a great size for games-much better than the iPod. I used Amazon's Kindle app, and it looks fantastic. The Kindle I have now will be used for train rides, but at home it iPad. I haven't used iBooks yet, but plan to. Its nice to have a couple options for books now. I am looking forward to seeing how magazines look.

There's a ton of other things I want to write, but I need to stop. I want to play with this more, and this is just a "shakedown" run of the iPad.