Rant about "supporters" and supporting teams

by Peter Marus

I am still steamed after Saturday. nothing pisses me off when some of those who call themselves "supporters" and rather sing for the the am the whole 90 minutes, they sit there with this look on their faces like "yeah, I'm a part of a crew" and contribute nothing. if you are going to be a supporter and stand on the supporter"s end, SING!!!! Don't sit there fucking slack-jawed. That membership package you got from just signing up has al the songs printed out. if you can't take the time to at least read them, you're useless and a waste of time and a ticket in the section.

Also, there are rules, like don't throw shit on the field when you're not supposed to. Don't toss streamers at random times, just when it's appropriate. Don't throw shit at players, like bottles. If you do that, you show disrespect to the stadium, supporter club and team. it's as childish and fucking stupid as breaking chairs. Don't bitch if you get caught, and don't act like you did something cool or special. All you did was make you look like an asshole. There is a code of conduct in all supporter clubs, and in theory try should be enforced. I haven't seen it yet but I hope that they are one day.

Side note: if you are going to point out someone who is causing a problem, make sure you are pointing out is the right person. Don't be some fat cunt in the front row pointing out random people saying you KNOW they did something. It make you the coward you always were, and no matter how much you have bullied others in the past, it shows how much of a scared little pussy you really are.

One other pet peeve. You are going to Red Bull Arena's supporters section. At least wear the colors of the team. Even if it's just a red or white shirt. Don't wear jerseys of other teams, don't wear rival colors. SHOW SOME RESPECT!!!

On the subject of other teams. I am man American and I live in the NYC area. i will ONLY support the US and RED BULLS. i will never wear the colors of another team. I will support only teams I have a connection to. I went to Penn State, I support them. I lived in a Mets house, I can only support them. I grew up watching Giants games, I support Big Blue. I could say I support the Steelers since I lived in Steeler country for several years. I am only allowed to support these teams.

The rules are, and if you don't follow them, you"re a front-running piece of garbage:

-You may support a team if you lived in the town/country for a good period of your life.

-You may support a team if your family is still in that area of the country/world and you are actively communicating with.

-You cannot say you are a supporter of a team because your favorite plait moved to that team.

-You have to earn your supporters' spot. If you support your local team at first, don't act like you've been following the team all your life. You look like a douche. Learn slowly and integrate into things.

-You show up no matter what. I've been at games where there were more people in the press box than the stands. I've seen shit that should have made me give up on the test, but i didn't.

Here's some examples of what I'm talking about. i know a couple people who are prefect "cool" situations for supporting teams outside the area as well as the local team. one is originally from Portugal, came here to the US and still supports his team in Portugal. I know one person who is first generation US, but has family in Colombia and is always apart of their lives. I have no problem with him supporting a team there.

My problem is with people who will put a country their family at some point was from above the US. Italian-Americans in Brooklyn are a good example. Another example is in my neighborhood, where a bunch of Latinos, born here and NEVER been to the countries where their family is from have no contact with their families there, don the colors of another nation and would never think of supporting the US. Also the wanna-be supporters of Euro teams who pick a front runner because they are cool and never lose.

These are the people who look down on the US or MLS for not being as big as the shit they follow. It astounds me when I hear MLS or US Soccer trying to go after these assholes. MLS and US Soccer has to stop looking for this trash and grow real fans. MLS said they want to put a second MLS team in the area (ran by the shit head Wilpon family). this is fucking retarded. There is one team in the area, it's not fucking hard to get the train to Red Bull Arena.

What I am trying to say is SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CLUB FIRST! SUPPORT YOUR COUNTRY!!! Anything less, don't follow the sport, it's not for you!!!!

the Reverend has spoken. Go in peace and spread my word to others.