Remodeling, Rev. Pete needs a new blog name, iPad, Apps and how they should work, I'm contrarian?and a favor

by Peter Marus

As you see, I did a little remodeling on my site.  I hope you like it.  Eh, just thought I needed to change it up a bit.


I have a little favor to ask the few who do read my blog.  I want to name it something different. I don't want it as just my blog, but something that sounds a little different.  I thought of calling it "the Reverend's Pulpit", or just "The Pulpit",  or just something to add a little flavor to the site.  Please, leave a comment, email me, Twitter me, Facebook me, just somehow help me.  I don't ask much from you.  Remember I am a minister in the Universal Life Church. I am here to help those see the right way in life to have a better fulfilling lives.  I truly hope I am able to do that with my writings.


I am enjoying my iPad a lot since I got it.  It has replaced my netbook (but my netbook goes to Mexico with me in a few weeks).  Some of the iPad-specific apps are fantastic. I have one called "Early Edition", that is the best RSS feed reader I've ever seen.  It takes your feeds and present them in the form of a newspaper.  It makes reading the articles a pleasure, and shows one perfect application for the iPad.  Some of my iPhone apps are serviceable.  Twitter does what I need, and I still play "Peggle" and "Plants vs. Zombies" iPhone Apps on my iPad. The iPhone apps may not look pretty, but good enough for me.  Plus I'm cheap and won't pay for the "HD" versions.  


This comes to a big thing I need to mention.  If there are any app developers out there reading this, all I ask for when you create an iPad app is this questions: "will this app compel the user to use the app rather than go to the website via Safari?" and "What does this app offer beyond being a pretty RSS feed and a stripped down version of a desktop app or website?"  If you can answer these questions, I'll buy your app.  RSS feeds of your company's site, or a simplistic app to do a quick task are fine for the iPhone-limitations of the phone's size and being on-the-go are perfect for those apps.  The iPad is different: it's a media consuming unit, as well as a interactive and productivity machine that requires deeper and more involved applications.  Just wanted to put that out there.


I have a great idea for an app, so good I threw around the idea of trying to learn to program for the iPhone or iPad.  All I can say is I have a clear idea for an iPhone/iPod app.  If any programmer needs an idea for an app, contact me and we can talk.


I was called something today I don't think I've ever been called: a contrarian person.  Am I really? I don't really see myself that way.  I always thought I was just a person who had his thoughts, that although are different offer a better view for everyone on a given subject-provided those listening aren't bigoted enough where they cut down my ideas or opinions because they have some sort of elitist attitude that what THEY know, an what THEY read in the "mainstream media" has them as enlightened and therefore better than me and my opinions. 


Go forth and live in peace and love those around you.