Should I return to School?, What kind of Reverend I would be? Reverend X, Brother Love, "Blur" commercial

by Peter Marus

I've sat here today thinking about my career again.  I'm getting again to think it's time to change.  The new gig is a little better, but it's at the same company and a lot of the frustrations I had before are still there.  As much I am trying to enjoy the new position, I still don't feel I am at the right spot and place for work.  Insurance sucks to work in, and I find no joy or feel a sense of accomplishment anymore.  So I'm thinking of what should I do now.  Part of me is thinking of saving up to go back to school and learn about computers more and IT-related stuff.  It's something that did interest me back before I went to college.  I remember before I graduated High School I thought of going to some sort of vo/tech school rather than go to college.  If I had any regrets in my life, that's probably the one thing I really have.  I figure I could have gone and learn a trade or about computers, and probably be in a job making good dough, or at least had a good career and save some good money.  Maybe there is time for it to happen.  So now I am lost, looking for a spot where I fit.  Seems like a theme for me lately.

On a lighter note, I was remembering when I told my cousin I became an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, his biggest fear is that I would start a church and it would probably end up like this:

 Or I would end up like this guy: 


But knowing me, I'd be like this dude:

(anytime I get and excuse to see this video makes me smile)

or as this person (the guy in white):


Finally, This is the best video game commercial I've seen in a long time