Warning, Pennsylvania, Wawa, clarification on my last entry

by Peter Marus

This is going to suck, just warning you

My sunburn is just subsiding.  I got it from going to Pennsylvania with some friends for the day.  Two of them wanted to get parts for their cars at a U-pull-it  yard  in Hazelton, Pa.  IT was the first time I was up in that area.

The day started with driving up to Pa.  My friend's car is the type where the rear window is right behind whoever is in the back seat.  I felt the sun on me going up and back, but I didn't realize what damage was going on until I got home.  

The trip itself was fun.  Driving through the old "hood" was eye-opening.  Last time I was up there, it was nothing but rubes and hayseeds.  Now it's rubes and hayseeds who want to be Long Island.  A lot of the open spaces that were beautiful and the real scenery now has some sort of shopping area or housing development (empty-some contractors lost their shirts on that bet I am guessing).  Another discovery: since the state legalized gambling, the Indian tribes rolled in and most of the resorts up there now have slots or some sort of trap for degenerate gamblers, which is a nice mix with the Midwestern rubes, creeps hiding out from the law, or the cheap couples looking for another place to bang.  

We get to the junk yard, and it's an awesome sight.  it's like a huge graveyard with vultures picking at the carcasses.  A lot of mechanics were there to get parts for their projects, or for the "slightly used" parts they will sell and make an obscene profit.  Most of the cars there were in some sort of accident, but some were sold to the yard intact.  My friends went through the cars there, got some parts, and paid almost nothing for things they would have paid hundreds for elsewhere.

One stop we had to made is to the greatest place on earth: Wawa.  It's a gas station/convenience store that has it all.  It makes 7-11 look like a bodega.  We stopped there for lunch, coffee, and gas on the way up.  The sandwich/deli has a touch-screen kiosk where one can build their sandwich.  At one point it asks the dumbest question ever to ask a man: "would you like bacon added?"   The answer is always YES!!!  I put it on the cheesesteak I had for lunch, and the chicken sandwich I had at the same Wawa on the way home.   

So the past several days I've suffered with this burn on my neck and on my arms, and now it's getting to the itchy phase.  It's nothing but fun over here.

Finally, I noticed part of my last entry dissappeared.  I didn't poast a follow up right away, because I don't really care what people think of what I wrote.  I will say the following:

-I still love the ESC and what it stands for in it's purist sense, I just am fed up with some of the cancers and bullshit that has mutated the club.  I like and respect many of the members, and I consider some of them my friends.  I will still be a member of the club, it's just that small percentage that I am tired of

-I am tired of fighting the good fight to make things the best it can be.  I am tired of fighting the shit I listed in the last entry.  I don't have the energy to continue to try to change things, but I get the cuffs put on me, or am promised things are taken seriously but nothing is done.  I am tired of feeling like I am speaking to the wall.  I am done.

-those who read this "get" what I am saying, I hope you all respect and I hope we can still be at least on speaking terms.  Those who don't "get" it: go fuck yourselves.  Your probably pert of the problems I am talking about, and I have zero use or respect for you.