The best TV intros ever....EVER I SAY!!!!

by Peter Marus

People who follow me, I consider you my congregation.  You believe in me and I hope that my words have impacted you and cause much change and happiness.  I was going to write something else tonight, but I decided to look on YouTube for the best TV intros ever created.  See, broadcast TV shows now don't have elaborate  intros anymore.  Most are just a quick "this is the show, here's the executive producer".  Only remotely good intros are on cable TV shows. When I was a young lad, TV show intros were almost as good as the show (some were better).  Tonight, I'm going to show you how awesome they were, and how I long for intros like these.  Also, if there is any bands in the part of Mexico I am staying in this week, I hope to try to at least get them to play one of these.  Bonus points if I hear one of these at the wedding I am going to.


First up is "Baretta".  Yeah, I took the one with Sammy Davis Jr.'s lyrics on it.  I like it better

Next up is S.W.A.T


Quincy ME:

Hawaii 5-0:

Magnum P.I: (since I am in a Hawaiian mood):

The Fall Guy:


Knight Rider:

The Dukes of Hazard"


Finally, I saved the best for last:


For those who remember all these themes/intros.  I hope I put joy in your day.  For those who don't remember these, you penance is to get these themes on MP3s somehow, and listen to them over-and-over.  Even those who remember these should do it.  After a few times, you'l have that BMF walk going.  Hell, before that meeting or day of work, listen to these and walk in there like one BMF (for those who don't understand, BMF=BadMuthaFucker).

Now go forth with what you learned today and spread it to the ignorant.  


Oh, and two more things, one theme song that gets my hairs up and me pumped FTW:

Finally, HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Now with a remix (get it, the guy who scored is from Texas):