South of the border, down Mexico way...

by Peter Marus

I have returned from my trip, and I had a blast.  I am planning on returning there in the folder months.  I'm just going to do highlights rather than write it out.

-Got through security to and form with no problem.  Got to JFK early enough that my girlfriend got a pedicure there.  It was a 20 min pedicure, and she got what she paid for-the paint chipped in less than a day.  Side note, my cousin brought this up: if someone were to open a simple barber shop in an airport, that man would be rich.

-After fighting the timeshare scumbags and other hustlers at the Cancun airport.  we got our ride to the ferry.  Thank God my girlfriend speaks Spanish, saved my ass several times during the trip, starting with dealing with the van people getting to the ferry.

-Ferry ride was sweet, it had Wi-fi and it was a nice ride to Isla Mujeres.  It's an Island about four miles off the coast of Cancun.

-Want to save money, use Skype to make calls.  I used it all vacation to call the US, and it cost me almost nothing to make the calls.  I put $10.00 on my account and I think the calls were about 2 cents/min.

-We get to the hotel and find out the room we are in is actually the more expensive one.  Turns out the hotel upgraded most of the people attending the wedding.  The room had a king size bed, flat screen, HUGE bathroom, and a balcony with a Jacuzzi on it.  All of which was used many times.  

-We went all-inclusive, and given how much we ate and drank, it was a WISE move.  We also ate at restaurants on the island as well.  One place, most of the crew there for the wedding went to one place and shut it down.  The place was too small for us, and the owner moved us to her other restaurant around the corner.  She had her chefs run back and forth between the two restaurants to cook.  At one point, another person was taxied in to help.  After they cooked, they looked ragged and tired, but they got a hell of a tip from us for the good food and service.  

-Wi-fi at the hotel was a bit dodgy, but it was usable.  

-The beach was absolutly beautiful.  The water was clear, but the salt content was intense.  

-I have little to no sunburn.  The Sun down there is INSANE.  I went to the market early in the morning, and the sun was beating down on me.  I learned it's not wise to leave shade anytime between sunrise and 4pm.  The Sun was so strong, I got burnt through my shirt.  

-Apparently weed was offered to everyone BUT me.  weed fail.

-The Island is beautiful.  Once you got past the tourist part of the island and rode around on your moped or golf-cart you can rent down there, the archetecture and scenery is breathtaking.  

-One thing about the tourist area: lots of people fighting for your peso.  They try hard to get you to look in their shops or eat at their restaurants.  Kind of annoying, but useful in haggling over prices.  

-The welcome dinner and wedding went off without a hitch.  Also if you want a wild and jsut a goddamn good time, hang out with Dominicans.  It's a tiring experience, but you'll never walk away without an enjoyable story.

-Numerous times, the wedding afterparty/reception had huge homoerotic tones.  The groomsmen in the ocean, a penis flute, half-naked dancing on the dancefloor, and some other incidents.  Not that there is a problem with it, it did bring the hotness to the wedding after all.  


That's all I will put for now.  I hope to get back to Isla Mujeres again soon.  I put a page up with photos of the trip under "Cancun".  I might put some videos up at some point when I edit it.