US lost, I'm getting an iPhone 4, Fathers and Fatherhood

by Peter Marus

So The US lost in the World Cup round of 16.  Sucks but they were expected to go as fr as they did.  I look at it this way: At least they advanced farther than the French and Italians.  Also at least the US put up a fight, something you can't say about the English and the Mexican('t)s.  Now at least I can watch the games and enjoy them without feeling any stress.  Unlike some, I won't support another country I have no connection with.  THis is why I took so much pleasure watching the Italians leaving the tournament.  Now I don't have to watch a bunch of wanna-bes, WOPS, Ginnys, and greaseballs who will thump the chest covered with another nation's colors before they would do for the country they are citizens of.  

This week I put my order in online for a new iPhone.  I am not getting the full discounted price, but I am getting a break on it.  It's going to be delivered to me by 7/14, but I'm not in a huge rush to get it.  Why don't I go to the store to get it you ask?  I don't want to be in that nonsense and potentially be a problem.  At least I know I will have one in a couple weeks, and hopefully sooner.  Seems the ones slated to be delivered by 7/2 already are going out and the 7/14 ones are the next batch.  I cant' wait to get it mostly because I have an older one, the one released two years ago and it's starting to show it's age and limitations.   

The worst part of this week, other than the job issues I have now, came from watching "Deadliest Catch".  The episode this past week was about the captain named Phil Harris, who in the episode had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital.  Later on he does die (it was reported months ago he did in the news), so I don't think I spoiled it there for you.  That part got to me a bit, but what really almost had me crying was part of the show where he and his two sons were talking about their past, and how he was a father and his failures.  Along with this was a pile of photos Phil and his sons were looking through, traveling down memory lane.  I really almost was balling at this point, since it hit a nerve with me.  It made me think about my dad a lot, and thinking of him stuck with me the rest of the week, even today.  It was a little tough, but I did tal about him with people, telling them of some of the stuff he done, so that helped curb the sadness.

After all those thoughts, on Saturday I went to the graves of some of the most influential men who came before me.  I first went to my Aunt and Uncle's grave, then to my Grandfather's grave and finally to my father's grave. Part of it was because I didn't go to their sites on Father's Day, and also part of it just to try to calm me in a way.  It did help a lot and put my head in a better place.  I couldn't go on Father's Day proper because I was in Mexico.  I did get to see a couple men who are still new to the fatherhood game, but they are two men who should be fathers and have a lot to teach a new generation.  I have no doubt both will develop their children into fine people.