iPhone 4, I got one.

by Peter Marus

Yeah, I said I wouldn't get in line for this phone, but I did today, so bite me.   Much like sex, I got mine, and that's all that matters.  I woke up this morning around 3 am.  I realized today was the first dat AT&T stores get the iPhone 4 in today.  I figure what the Hell, and I get dressed and went to the store near my job.

When I get there, I see about 11 people in front of me.  YES!! I am going to get one!!! I got there around 5:30am and the hour and a half between when I got there and when the store opened felt like forever.  Around 6:30, AT&T people came out, handed out some paperwork, and also handed out some water.  Sure, it wasn't the coffee and bagels Apple handed out on their lines, but it was nice to get something from them.  At 7, the store opened, and we were taken in 10 at a time.  Again, it felt like forever since I was the second guy in the second group to go into the store. Finally, I was let in.  I went to the desk, gave my info, and 20 minutes later I had my phone.  Walking out and feeling the anger of those at the end of the line (the line was a block long), felt GREAT!!! I got one and they didn't.  One guy was yelling at me and offered me double what I payed for my phone.  One screamed at me asking how many phones they had.  It was a fun experience.  AT&T had a set up where they got two deliveries a day, one in the morning and one at noonish.  If you dont' get the phone in the AM, you get a ticket to get one in the afternoon.  Luckily that wasn't my problem.

The phone is really amazing.  It's night and day compared to my iPhone 3g.  It runs fast, the screen and images look like they are a sticker on the display phone in most stores.  THe cameras work well, but I haven't made a Facetime call yet.  I'm sure some have read of the signal controversy, but I haven't had that.  I did get a case from J&R at lunchtime, but when I didn't have the case, signal strength was good.  What sucked during the day is that I left my old phone at home, so I couldn't sync my stuff at the AT&T store. I had no access to my contacts, apps, and setting until I got home to plug my phone into my Mac.

I may write more about the phone later this week.  But the main thing is that I have one, you probably don't and that makes me better than you. ha ha ha ha, and in the immortal Ric Flair style, WOOOOOO!!!