The choice is yours, ladies

by Peter Marus

These are my favorite commercials out these days on the airwaves.


First, Kia's, where it shows what you get when you mix hampsters and Black Sheep


next is one that reminds me of the wreslter Val Venis' vignettes but without the sleazyness.  Almost the Bizzaro-world Val Venis.

finally, two just to put up here for the Hell of it. They are of Comedian Patrice Oneal, who if you didn't hear was not allowed in to Canada this week (despeite him allowed up there several times before) over a rape charge he had and did time for over 20 years ago.  Actually, it was for, as he said the guard put it, "RIP!!! You coon not coome into cooniduh":

THese are my favorite videos of him in action:

and my favorite episode of his old internet series he did: