by Peter Marus

It was nice to have an inpromtu three-day weekend.  It was inpromtu because I didn't go to work on Friday.  Partly because I didn't feel too well, and partly because I was still fuming over what happened Thursday.  I almost had a meltdown at my job and almost did something I could have done a real bad thing to my career.  See, I do a lot of arbitration work in my company.  I either settled cases or prepare defense packages for arbitration.  Sounds simple, doesn't it?  Well, not at my company.  First, the clerk that was responsible for sending copies of the defense packages to the arbitration association for some reason FUBARed a ton of them in April, most of which were mine.  He either didn't send it alltogether, or did and never recorded it as sent.  For most of Thursday, I had to clean up this shmuck's fuckups.  I had to go through every step I did to make sure it was done right.  On top of it, the cocksuckers at the law firm tried to throw me under the bus.  After I proved that it was the law firm's mistakes, I learn the clerk who screwed all this up is STILL EMPLOYED WITH THE FIRM, BUT IN ANOTHER CAPACITY.


I was LIVID!!!  I wanted to go to the law firm (which is in the same building), and go to one of the partners (the one who isn't the president of the insurance company I work for-details to follow on that), and tell him his firm is a fucking joke.  Not for just not firing that moron, but for several other things.  First, the "lawyers" who they send to the arbitration hearings tend NOT to read the notes put in the computer for them to work with, they just show up NOT argue the case, and either lose the case or settle it there.  Apparently theres no responsibility on them, the firm gets $700 win or lose from the company.  I read enough arbitration awards and see how inept the law firm is.  They don't do a damn thing, and in one the lawyers representing my company shrugged his shoulders after the arbitrator asked him why our defense was sent in late (again, by that shithead clerk-even named in the award).  


Again, there is no responsibility to do anything for one reason.  It's funny that the president of the insurance company JUST HAPPENS to be the major partner of the lawfirm, what whats it to him if the cases are won or lost, he is getting paid one way or another.  Company-wide, there isn't any responsibility taken by any one.  Claims department can screw up the claim horribly and they won't have it held against them.  I've seen nightmare mistakes that has cost the company tens of thousands, and thats because the people now hired for that department are borderline illiterate or even retarded.  It's not just claims, it's also customer service/first reports, property damage, all of the departments.  It's my problem when it comes up and I have to make a diamond out of shit.  It's tiresome to having to eat shit that others do.  On top of it, my bosses have the balls to say how tough things are (outside of the record policies they've written), and that's way I only get a $30/pay period raise-pay periods are two week periods. Meanwhile, everyone in management have gotten bonuses out the ass. 


What happens when no responsibility is taken, excuses are made.  My favorite is "there's so much work coming in, we can barely handle it." Bullshit, I handled it.  I sacked up, went into work early to get my shit done.  Also, no shit there's so much volume coming in; its a run on the companies with this depression the country in in.   Also, I work for a Big Bad insurance company, which means we lose before we make it into the room!  95% of the time I am preparing a defense package, I feel as if I'm a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.  


So I updated my resume, time to take a look elsewhere.  


OK, I'll end this on a high note.  Look at this infomercial, and tell me you wouldn't go to this event if it wasn't ICP.  ICP are like the Bloodhound Gang to me, a guilty pleasure that makes me smirk when I hear them.  Say what you/laugh at them want, they make tons of money are are some wise businessmen:


Fire me if you don't like my opinion, don't care.