One major change in 2010, and the rest of the year to do list

by Peter Marus

I figure I would write down my to-do list for the rest of the year.  I will say that this year has been one where I have changed.  I used to dread going to Jersey, now not only do I enjoy going to the state, I hang with a crew that is primarily New jersey people (Garden State Supporters-GSS).  Sorry ESC, I was never satisfied with how any of my "issues" were addressed, how some members are mouthpieces of the group despite having no official power, and just the attitude of certain members to myself and others who are "outcasts".  Ironic that the "outcasts" are the one who the group SHOULD be listening to.  One of the mouthpieces of the group told me flat out "Those who are not part of the ESC don't have passion for the club."  But then again those who have this mentality are those who need the club since that is their ONLY social interaction.

I'll stop talking about that now, I've told people they got my number, email, IM, whatever.  If they are going to stop ducking the issues and stop being cowards and man up, let's chat.  I know that won't happen since these people haven't done the same for a fellow man of the cloth or one of the most dedicated fans of the team (award-winning BTW), why would they do the same for myself.  The closest thing I got to an official apology was one night of venting to a board member, he offered an apology.  I refused to take it since he is not the person who should be apologizing, and had nothing to do with the issues I have.

SO this year I am one section over, and in the better bar of newark (could have been the ESC bar, but it took too long for the group to consider it after several members suggested it).  The people of the crew are all equals, and just good people to hang out with.  Even though I am a part of this group now, I am debating of "retiring" from the supporters section.  I hear Boca's a nice place to be, just have to see how warm and nice that part of town is.

That's the past, let's talk about the future.  I have a few goals the rest of the year.  I'll put them in no particular order:

1. Find a better job.  I'll put my pitch up in one of my next entries.  I just updated my blog on my site here, as well as redid it to mail out.  I found TextEdit on the Mac is simple and effective.

2. Tattoos.  I have to get my ESC one finished (not getting it altered, I do have fond memories of the club and this tattoo helps me remind me them).  I also have to see about possibly two more by the end of the year.  One is a GSS one, just to even things out soccer-wise on me.  The other is one dedicated to my mom.  I won't go into details, but I have a cool idea for one.

3. Save more money.  I have a plan.  It involves envelopes, "Cup of Noodles", an iPhone app, and just my brain.  I learned that for about $20, I can get enough "Cup of Noodles" and "Five Hour Energy Drinks" for the week.  In the morning I still get my egg whites and sausage on a bagel and coffee, but my lunch is the noodles.  Afternoon it's a energy drink and maybe pretzels.  I have an iPhone app to help me keep my money in order.  Also just thinking of all my goals has me spending less so I can save money for them.

4. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.  I've wanted to do this for a couple years now, and this will be the year I start.  I haven't called the place yet-I will soon to get prices and info-but I will do this.  I asked around and the guy who runs it is legit, and the place is in Manhattan.  I want to do it to get in shape, learn something that I can use to defend myself, and just help make me a better person.  

5. Learn Objective-C.  I started doing this slowly.  It's taking some time to get used to, but I'm starting to understand it. I hope to "get it" eventually from practice, and down the road make an app or two.  Or at least it's something fancy I can put on my resume.  

6. Trips.  I have a Montreal trip planned for Labor Day (how American-run up to Canada!!).  i also want to take another trip or two.  I still have to discuss with the girlfriend where to go-since one of them is for our anniversary-and get an idea where we are going.  Ideas have been tossed around, and more will be thrown out. Eventually we'll figure something out.

That's my list, I am going to succeed.

I told you two guilty pleasures of mine last entry.  Here's an example of each.

One is the Bloodhound Gang.  Song's called "Mope". and it's one of my favorite songs they have done:


Next is some ICP "Miracles":

Bonus clip:  DJ Lobsterdust: