4th of July, A-Team, App development, good burgers that make bad beer tasty

by Peter Marus

So I hope you all had a nice 4th of July. I hope you all got to do something American, like blowing up parts of it with explosives from other nations. I spent mine in a movie theater watching "The A-Team". I was worried about the remake, since I have fond memories of the TV series. At the same time the trailers seemed to show off the movie as having some potential. The movie didn't piss on the original series. It did modernize the story a little, like using the Iraq war rather than the Vietnam War, and it did flush out the story of how the team was framed. in fact, the movie seemed to set up the original monologue at the start of each episode and set up the potential for a sequel or several sequels.

Also, I started to look more and more into developing apps for the iPhone and iPad. I have one book on app development, but I also just got a book to learn Objective C, the programming language used for the nuts-and-bolts of an app. At the very least I hope to learn something new. I was inspired by an app called "The Big App Show" that was created by Adam Curry. It's an App that he shoots small videos reviewing various apps either he finds or his viewers/fans suggest to him. I found several useful apps on it, and you should take a look at it. Seeing the app made me feel like I can come up with an app for others to enjoy. Once I figure out the programming language, I should be able to put together a couple apps I have thought of.

Now for something serious. I have to apologize to some out there for something I am not sure if anyone noticed. The past month or so, wherever I've been or done, I've only been there about 90%. The other 10% is always somewhere else. My mind is always worrying bout something else, it's actually genetic. No matter how well laid plans are for anything, I am always worrying that something will screw up. I almost drove my girlfriend crazy on the trip to Mexico. Even there, though I very much enjoyed the trip, part of me was worrying about something or family back home. Even today with all the heat I was worried about my Diabetic mom and hoped she didn't have a reaction when no one was home. I called her today just to make sure, but still is this healthy? I don't know, but part of me gets why my dad always checked up on her. I get now he didn't do it out of insecurity, but actual care and worry for his wife.

OK I have to end this on a high note. The best burger I ever had is in Manhattan. Look up Island Burger and go there. I had just a cheeseburger, but between that and the chocolate shake, I was having a delicious overdose of taste. I will warn you, the food is so good, it'll make Shlitz beer taste good. The girlfriend had take advantage of the Shlitz two-for-one special the place had. She actually like the beer, so either she has no clue what good beer is, or the food is so good, it negates the shittiness of Shlitz.