One week, many thoughts and options

by Peter Marus

I"ve had a lot of things to think of.  It all started Tuesday night at the tattoo shop.  I was getting my tattoo on my arm finished, and during this time i was speaking with the artist.  He's a guy who knows a lot about my situation with some organizations.  During the talk we had, it put a lot of things in perspective, and made me do a lot of thinking.  I have been thinking what I want to d next season with my season tickets.  I have a couple options.


My first option is to keep my seats where they are, eat some shit and go back with that group.  The tattoo guy did mention I should just ignore those I have my issues with and just hang out with those I don't have problems with.  In theory this is fine and all, but those I have issues with are the one who run the group, and I've known these guys for years.  Over those years, it seems the amount of respect i got form these guys has decreased, despite what I had  done for the club.  Another part of it is the theft of my ideas for the club and the fact they took credit and I'm left looking like the fool.  So its kind of hard to just "get over it."  ALos there si some political issues I have, where those I voted for have no power in the decision makeing, but their skills are used by the group.  It's really ran by the same "Illuminati", and those who don't have official power still have great influence in matters.  Those who dont have power have the audacity to speak as if they do represent the club in an official manner.  There are some other issues I have with individuals and the "Kool-aid" they've been sharing, and I hope to soon meet with some board members to let them know.  Anyway I could problably try to "get over it."


My other option is to move my seat to the group I am with now.  As cool as some of the guys are in it, It still doesn't feel 100% right.  There were also some incidents recently between the clubs, and to be honest I am not totally sure who is telling the truth in the matter.  SOme of the other aspects of the club I don't connect with.  They are a different breed, and I do hope they succeed as well have some sort of unity between the clubs, but more and more I am losing a passion to be in either one of the clubs.  I am using the rest of the season to take account of everything and talk to some of the "players" in the deals, and see if I shouldn't do option three.


Option three is to move my seat to another section.  Last game I was given the opportunity to sit in what is jokingly called "Boca 107".  It's called that because a lot of the older members of the supporter clubs have their seats there.  It was a really cool time sitting with the guys there.  I didnt' leave the stadium sore, I had my voice, and I felt nothing stressful or anxiety.  It was probably one of the more fun times I've had at a game this season.  More and more it lokos like I'll spend the extra bucks and move to that section next season. 


Again, still have the rest of the year to weigh my options.  Tonight though did not help one option, given some of the ignorant things I heard I said about one group.  I HATE when others put words in my mouth, and I have a feeling who the people did that.  But given that some think they can be spokesmen for a group just because they are tight with the Illuminati, some actually look up to them and just take what they say as Gospel.  They aren't the ones to do research for the truth.  It's sad some won't think for themselves or do a little bit od fact-checking.  But hey, seeing how those spokespeople act in life, those who listen and take their statements for facts are probably just as or more ignorant or dependent on that social group for any social activity.


Anyway that's what's been on my mind lately.  I do have to thank my tattoo artist for getting me to think, and for the southern man by way of California for the opportunity to see what it's like to be a retiree for a game.  Also, Stay classy Mr. twink who also wants to moonlight as a pedobear with other's daughters.