Iphone almost bricked, it may hit the bricks and I sold out to the bankers,

by Peter Marus

Last night something happened that kept me up the entire night.  I plugged my iPhone into my Mac to sync some podcasts, and the "update for iOS 4.0.2" screen popped up.  It's been a few days since it's release, and I figured since it's a minor upgrade, I should just do it now.  The download is several hundred megs big (Apple now is on this "restore and import all your apps/settings from a back up kick lately), so that download took a bit longer than I expected.  


So it was downloaded, and started the update.  It got to near the end, and crapped out, saying there was an error and gave a code.  The code it gave was saying connection lost between the phone and computer via the USB cable, and left the phone in "recovery mode"-which renders the phone useless to the user.  Apple had a list of things to try like use a different USB port, restart the computer, and reconfigure some stuff.  I tried this and tried to restore the phone several times (each taking at least 15 mins), and it didn't work.  At this point I'm freaking out, and going to every Mac/iPhone site I knew to find an answer.  I eventually found a program that did take the phone out of "recovery mode", and got the phone up and running (with the update I downloaded applied). 


This was the second time something like this happened with an update for this phone.  iOS4.0.1 gave me the same type of headaches, but the problems were more on Apple's side (server overloading).  So two updates and two problems-one almost cost me the phone if I didn't know what I knew.  It has been bothering me all day, and even has me considering getting a different phone.  Some say I'm overreacting and I should try to swap the phone with Apple for another one.  THing is that this problem, and some of the other glitches/problems there are with the phone are not fully solved, and happen so randomly its a crapshoot no matter what you get.  As far as the phone goes, Apple has two strikes on them, and is something this bad happens one more time, I'm going to AT&T and getting another phone.  My options are down to two: the Blackberry Torch or the Samsung Captivate.  I played with both today and came away impressed with both.  We'll see.  I like the iPhone, but if the quality does go down, I'll go with another phone/OS.


Remember when I said I wanted to go to a small community bank?  Well, that experiment is over.  The bank i was with I thought was way to restrictive with my account and in most ways were just as evil as a "big bank".  So I sold out and opened checking and savings accounts at another "Big Bank".  I can take comfort in the fact I am continuing a tradition by going with this bank (grandmother, mother, and myself have/do use this bank, in the different forms and names it had).  


But then again, I didn't sell out.  I just bought in.  Yeah, that's it....