by Peter Marus

Sorry it's been a while......


Had the big birthday weekend this past weekend.  I have to say I am truly humbled by how much people care about me and will do stuff for me.  I got a few amazing gifts.  I got a little doll of my favorite MMA fighters, Matt Serra form my cousin.  I got a munch of cigars form my girlfriend and her mom, and my girlfriend also got my a humidor.   Impressed and a little awkward since I am not comfortable with others doing good things for me (just a trust thing and been burned in the past).  But I am happy and grateful to have all these amazing people in my life.


OK enough of my emo crap.  The Samsung Captivate-look it up and see what my next phone will be.  I will be getting it within the next couple months.  I have to see how much money i have left from my trip this weekend, and I also have to save up for BJJ clases


OK, just wanted to put something up.  Off to Montreal this weekend.