Five Lessons and Tim Sylvia-Ladies Man

by Peter Marus

I need to remind people of a few lessons.  As a Reverend I need to do this to help you all be better people:

-Lesson one: Life is nothing more than a series of choices one makes.  Never, never, NEVER think otherwise.  YOu are who you are, you are where you are, you are what you are because YOU choose to be that.  I never accept anything otherwise.  You choose to do what you do now and in the future, your past is irrelevant.  

I have been going through a lot of changes lately.  Both with things I do, and really getting into myself.  Some may not like it, but I choose to do this.  I don't make excuses why I am doing what I am doing and what I will do in the future.  Which leads to:

-Lesson two: Excuses are nothing more than someone not owning up to the results of the choices they make.  There are no excuses, things happen because of the choices made now and the aggregate choices one makes in the past.

All the choices I am making has led to a lot of emotions, I will admit.  The potential changes as far as soccer, the choices I am making about improving my health physically and mentally, the choice to try to find a better opportunity employment wise has drawn up a lot of things.  One thiing that is there is fear.  Leading to this:

-Lesson Three: Fear is just your negativity and self-doubt trying to comfort you into a sense of comfort and stagnation.  Don't ever enjoy that comfort.  As the great fighter Pat Miletich once said: "Pain is fear leaving the body."  Endure the pain, and you will be a better person after that pain/fear is gone.   

How do I deal with this fear? That leads to the next lesson for you all:

-Lesson Four: As Micky said in Rocky 2 "Can't!?!?!?! There ain't no Can't, Rock"  Don't be negative, replace "can't" with "will" and just go for it.  Simply put, those who "can't" are cunts.   

I am going to try to keep my negativity in check, and also try not to associate and be around negative people who will sabotage my positivity and try to make me see things in their negative light.  

And to thos ewho try to impose their negativity on me, this lesson will be applied:

-Lesson five: when one is bullied-physically, verbally, or otherwise-turn around and "hit 'em in the mouth."  give back what they are giving you, and you'll see how insecure and afraid they are, and you will win.

Don't ever let anyone trying to bring you down just because THEY are down.  Don't let someone bring you downto their level so they feel better or justified.  They need to do this so they can try to feel they are at your level.  On the other hand, they may also try to just as pathetically try to talk/put you down, so they feel much better than their insecurities really make them.  Put them in their place either way, or just avoid that garbage altogether, and nothing will stop you.  

Again, people are who they are because they choose to be who they are, nothing more nothing less.  Only they can change themselves, or choose to let others help them.  Don't waste your energy on anyone who chose not to be open to better themselves.


Finally, a video of the greatest "Blind Date" ever. This is just classic and just simply salt in the wound for the poor guy at the time.  Granted the drug thing was all him, but he was man enough to admit it.  Shtty he chose that route and FUBARed his career, but at least he stood up and said "Yeah, I did it."  More balls than Josh Barnett (that part is for all you MMA fans).  Also, this proves one thing i've found in life: anyone named Jennifer or a variation of that name is a piece of garbage.