10 things about Montreal

by Peter Marus

This Labor Day weekend, I spent it how any American would: I left the damn country for a couple days.  I went to the land where the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers came from (before they became the "all American Boys")-Montreal.  I got up there Thursday night and left Monday afternoon.  I will list my findings/observations here now.


1.  I remember stories when a man can roll up with $500 American and be a King in Canada.  Now, the US Dollar is almost equal to the Canadian Dollar.  This reality didnt' hit me until I converted my winnings from the Casino (more on that in a bit).  Sort of sucks, but that's what happens when the US' financial industry is ran like the WIld West.  

2.  THe town is very Euro.  It's an interesting vibe to it.  Old Montreal had some beautiful buildings and that "old-school" feeling.  Here's a weird fact-the town is not accessible if you are a cripple with all the stairs around the town, yet the cripples are on Rascals IN THE STREETS WITH TRAFFIC.  It's a trippy deal to watch.

3.  I now get what some of my girlfriend's ideals now, and appreciate them.  In Montreal there's a push for alternative modes of transportation and to walk around-despite the hilly topography of the town.  You can rent bikes, ride the really Euro-ass trains that have tires on them, or walk around the town underground via the tunnel system under the major buildings downtown.  It was nice that the only times I rode in a car was to the town, and leaving.

4.  The town reminded me of the video game "Mirror's Edge".  The town is kept REALLY clean, yet they don't hid their homeless.  Parkour almost happened up there, but I had to refrain

5.  My highlight was Olympic Park, and the tour.  It's a cool place to visit and I learned a lot about the stadium and the venues around it.  I really liked Saputo Stadium-home of the soccer team the Montreal Impact.  I wish I got to walk into it, but the outside and view of it from the tower was impressive to me.

6.  Poutine-That's all I got to say

7. The openess and tolerance of the people was a really cool thing to see.  Walking around all the different parts of the town showed real diversity, and no one had a problem or was starting shit.  Even the gay neighborhood was a nice stroll and some good food.  The Weather up there was perfect, and it made parts of the town feel like a small town

8. On my itinerary next visit to Canada is "go to a CFL Game".  I watched a game on TV up there, and I want to find it on cable down here.  It's Arena Football outdoors.  The field is the size of a soccer field, an exciting high-scoring game, and I want to see more of it.  I also want to be up there during hockey season to experience what it's like to be around Canadien fans.  That's Quebec's "National team".  

9.  I turned $11 Canadian into $120 after a couple rounds on Roulette Monday morning.  We eventually went to the Casino before we left, and I thrw my cash on the table, made some cash.  My only regret is moving to another table, when my luck went to shit.  I only used 20 of my winnings, and left with 100. 

10. After that short time, I pine for their psrudo-socialist oppression.  I think I can deal living under such an Iron fist of Niceness and politeness.  Honestly, if I had a kid, I'd take them to Canada for a couple week and show them how in general people should treat each other.  This was an eye-opening trip for me and a great learning experience


Pics will be up this week when I get around to go through them.