BJJ Vs. Soccer

by Peter Marus

So I thought I would write out what is a pseudo-big conflict in my life.  Soccer or BJJ.  


I love both.  I"ve loved soccer, particularly the Red Bulls, for years.  I"ve started to love BJJ as much.  Both are the primary focuses in my life (well, Giants/Steelers/PSU have some of my focus as well).  Both have given me lessons about life and how one should live their lives in the righteous way.  Both take up a lot of my time and money.  


Here's my problem:  Bjj and soccer are both on Saturday.  BJJ training is 12:30pm-2 in the afternoon, and usually that's when I start hanging out around Newark.  Thing is after training, I'm sweaty, sore and tired (showers are alost non-existant at this place we train).  It sounds stupid, but I don't want to bring my bag full of my funky clothes all the way to Jersey without a place to really put my gear when I get there (not bringing it to the stadium, if my bag was opened it could be considered a biological weapon).  


I could also skip training every so often on Saturday, but part of me would not feel right about it.  I train three to four days a week (four if I do no-gi on Friday), and I feel good and accomplished when I do.  If I miss a class, I feel bad physically and mentally.  It's almost an addiction, which was what soccer sometimes feels like as well.  I say sometimes because now it's not really after the last season and the SC stuff.  I still want to go to games, sit in the stadium-either in the supporters end or elsewhare, but it would mean possibly missing BJJ.  I get a high from BJJ, and I crave it.  


I can afford to do both, that's not an issue, but my thing is both soccer and BJJ drains me mentally as much as physically, and I am afraid that id I try to do both at the same time and/or day. I'd be cheating myself if I am not 100% for both.


This may sound like a stupid thing to think about, and there's probably a simple solution to this, but danmed if I know what it is.