blogging attempt on an iPad, Xmas and new years, my mortality, jiu jitsu, Need for Speed and Madden

by Peter Marus

Im doing this entire blog workflow on my iPad, just to try out the apps and see how it goes.

Time to write again. Been working crazy hours (this time for pay), and after getting my OT check, I'm checking in at 7:55am and leaving at 4:00pm from now on. All the work I did in one week equated to less than $50 extra. That's how much my company loves its hard working employees.

Christmas was good. It was special this year being the first I shared with my girlfriend, and it worked out well. Santa got her an awesome gift, and I got some awesome stuff.

I got Madden for the xbox, and despite the sponsor overload, it is the best Madden I've played. I also got an awesome game called "Need for Speed: Hot pursuit." it's been years since I played a NFS game, And I did t know what to expect given how the latest games of the series seemed sub-par. Electronic Arts did the smart thing and got the people who made "Burnout Paradise" to make this game, and it shows. Burnout is set in an open city where you went to certain parts to race, or compete in some competition for new cars and money. NFS feels a lot like this and it's just fun and over the top. My favorite part is that it pits your times and scores against your friends who also are playing this game. Its addicting to try to beat your friends' times. Also playing as and against cops in some events is and awesome fun time.

New years was uneventful. I don't celebrate new years eve. To me its St. patty's Day in the winter. New Years Day was family day, where I had lunch with my family, and I got to see my goddaughter, who amazes me each time I see her.

This whole time has me thinking about mortality (as in "my family is old, and they won't be around forever"). It sucks but I am trying to accept how at some point all these people won't be here and it's just me. Speaking of death, the Giants died a horrible death and missed the playlets. They won 10 games and didn't get in. Yet a team with a losing record did make it in be default in that they won their division. I'm ok with that, but they don't deserve an home game. They should reseed the teams that make the playoffs so those who earn the higher seeds can enjoy them.

Jiu jitsu started up after a two week break for the holidays. I learned two things. First, I can't take off that much time and expect to just jump back in. Second, I need to build a grappling dummy to practice on at home. I think that will help me remember what I am taught better.

In that note: see ya