How I feel about my alma mater and the situation it finds itself in

by Peter Marus

This may seem like a harsh entry, but I feel a lot of emotion about what has happened at my alma mater. Despite what has happened I still am a proud graduate of Penn State University. It's a fantastic academic institution that I feel honored to have been allowed to attend.

As some of you know, there's a scandal at Penn State University. Former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was indicted on several molestation charges. I'm not going to be neutral about him, especially after the NBC interview he did recently. If you feast he grand jury investigation, and it really is some horrific stuff, what is being alleged isn't something that people made up. Also the alleged number of victims make it really hard not to believe that this creep did them.

What bothers me about the coverage of the scandal is that the media really has missed the focus of the story. They should be focusing on the victims, the high-level officials that failed to report the guy to the cops, and the creep, hounding him and making his life a living Hell. What the morons in the media have been doing is focusing on Joe Paterno, the now former head coach of the football team. The media has railroaded him and caused the school to fire him, when in reality he didn't do anything legally wrong. Granted there are the moral questions that people have for his actions or lack of action. I have two theories about them:

He is fiercely loyal to the school, being there for over 60 years. He has worked for and given back to the school all those years. In the grand jury investigation, he was told of one incident by one of his graduate assistant (I'll have more on that moron later), and went to the athletic director and a university vice president, who also runs the campus cops and has ties to local authorities. THEY didn't do anything, and I'm sure Paterno figured the school would do the right thing-he's done the right things for the school, they would do the same.
Paterno may have wanted to go to the cops outside of the campus cops, but he isn't allowed to legally. He is contractually obligated to the school, and it may or not be in there he has to go through the chain of command. If he goes outside to authorities, he would violate the contract and is legally accountable.

I am waiting to hear from Paterno before I make a decision on what he did or didn't do. I will note he was going to answer all the questions at one point and the university cancelled his press conference at the last minute. That should be a flag right there. Then again the school has wanted Paterno out for at least 15 years, but they didn't have the guts to fire him until this came up.

Now about Mike McQueary, the assistant coach who was the graduate assistant who found Sandusky in the shower with a kid. This guy has always been a moron. He wasn't the best QB for Penn State, and wasn't the brightest guy on campus. Why isn't he fired? He not only didn't go to the cops, he apparently didn't stop the alleged assault. If he was a real man, he'd stop the assault, beat the guy down, and called the cops. He wouldn't have ran home, cry to his father, then later on tell Paterno. If a kid is being attacked, the sicko doing it should be dealt with it harshly and violently. They are a plague that should be taken out. They prey on weak kids, and potentially turn those victims into predators as well. The fact he wasn't fired astounds me, considering anyone else mentioned in the grand jury investigation was canned.

But according to the great media in this country,they make it sound like Paterno is the kid toucher. Why isn't the media storming Sandusky's house and wherever he is to make his life a living Hell? Why isn't McQueary being hounded? And, any ex-player who defends Paterno gets crap. Ask Franco Harris what the cowards who can't handle one mans opinion are doing. He's trying to be forced off charity boards he works so hard for, all because he supported not only his college coach, but someone he calls a mentor in life.

I feel for the victims, especially since they put their trust in the scumbag Sandusky. He basically made his organization to help him find kids to brutally victimize, while helping those at the same time. What a sick concept. To be honest, while Sandusky was talking in that NBC interview where he said he like children to horse around with but not sexually attracted to them (why his lawyer allowed him to say that blows my mind), I was hoping to hear a gunshot and then a dial-tone. I really hate crimes and abuse of children, and I have no issue if the predators were drug out into the street and viciously killed.

I should end this here. This is my opinion. You don't have to agree, just respect it. If you can't do that, you don't respect me, and I probably should t bother dealing with you.