by Peter Marus

The Bowl Championship Series, or the BcS (the c is silent), is the supposed "best solution" to determine what NCAA football team is the best in the nation.  Rather have the top teams in the nation play each other on the field and prove who's the best, or at least who wants it most, the cartel that is the NCAA and university presidents involved with the six major college conferences decided to have computers and people who either never played the sport or fit their agenda, vote on who are the top two teams in the country.  This year, there is a possibility that two teams from the Southeastern Conference can play to be who is the national champion.  These two teams, LSU and Alabama, played earlier this year in one of the most boring games this season.  But since ABC/CBS/ESPN-the scum who like to influence and rig these things for their interstes-kept hyping the game as "THE GAME OF THE CENTURY!!!", all the sheep believed it was one of the best games ever played.  Mind you, Penn State and Illinois played a couple weeks earlier played an even better dramatic game, but the same people said "that was a sloppy game", probably because neither team was anointed by the major networks to be the best.

What gets me is that the national championship may not be played between two teams who may not have won their conference.  How stupid is that???  Mind you, those who do with their conference championsips wont even get a say in the discussion.  All this proves that the fix is in, and the NCAA won't fix it since they make money anyway, so why fix it.  My favorite remark I have heard is that the NCAA doesn't really have much say in the Division 1 format.  That alone makes no sense to me.

To be a champion in anything, you should be able to kick everyone's ass to get to the top, not kiss the asses of those who have no clue about what it takes to be the best.  If you try to knock off the guy at the top of the mountain and you don't, get in the back of the line, you had your shot.  Then again, as many say, I don't look at the QUALITY of the win/loss, which is another subjective BS.  A win's a win, a loss is a loss, it should be that simple.

If I was given control of College Football, I would propose the following ideas:

1. PLAYOFFS!!! every conference winner plus top 5 at large (which would make a total of 16 teams).  none go to bowl games, just play in the playoffs.  

2. If the BcS has to be around, either eliminate the automatic qualifier conferences, or require all of them to expand to at least 14 teams and have a conference championship.  Key part of expansion is any new team has to be regional additions (no Boise State in the Big East kind of thing).  Means more teams would in theory have a shot.

3. Eliminate all contractual obligations of the bowls and make them bid for teams.  Yes that means no Big Ten/Pac 12 Rose Bowls as their agreement says, but make these bowls try to get the best teams.

4. Since everyone in NCAA has a hard on for having computers and journalists who never played the game choose the final game, how about have them pick all the non-conference games for every team.  If they have SOOOOO much faith in the system, then trust them to create the non-conference schedules.

The past couple seasons have started to make me more and more stop watching NCAA football.  Despite some of the amazing history and energy the games have (much like soccer games around the world, if not more), the half-assed approach to choosing a winner is a turn off.  At least when the Giants don't make the Super Bowl, is because they either sucked that year, or were beaten by someone who wanted it more on the field, not in some vote by an Illuminati group.