PS3, LBP, Mod Nation Racers, creativity and amazement

by Peter Marus

I hope all had an anjoyable time with Valentine's day and the weekend before.  I hope that you didn't take this day as your only day this year to show your appreciation for those you love and care about.  That makes you a piece of garbage.  

Spent the weekend with the girlfriend.  Got her a nice gift, and she treated me to dinner.  I then got myself a nice gift: a PS3.  Yep, got one again, and ym screenname is still evilpete66 on it.  One pleasent surprise is that when I logged in, I saw I had access to all my stuff I purchased before, so I started downloading some of the games i had before.  My girlfriend did get me Little big Planet 2.  Look it up to see what it is about, it's an awesoem idea for a game, and so much more.  I spent tonight playing the single-player a bit, then went to see the user-created stages, items, and content in general.  it blows my mind how creative some people are.  After that, I put in a game I bought today: Mod Nation Racers.  it's sort of the gokart version of LBP.  Again, how much stuff  the creators of these games give the user to use to create things fo rthe game, and then build a community around it is an awesome thing to see.   it adds so much depth and fun, I can be on either game for hours. Tomorrow after BJJ, I may start the one game I still think is the gretest game ever creted: Metal Gear Solid 4.

Again, the world amazes me in the creativity and unique things people bring to the table of anything.  Look around yourself, and see how people use things to express themselves or better themselves.  It may seem odd or outside the box, but at the same time it should be appreciated and respected as one's vision.   Games like LBP or ModNation Racers show there are still creative poeple out there.  I look at any type of "hacking" or "modding" as creativity.  Look at how many things in this world are used for one reason, but were created for another-maybe the total opposite-reason.  All it takes os one person to show the balls to say "no, I'm going tot do this my way, and see what happens".  

How many times in life can one say they did that?  Many don't due to fear of failing, which leads to them living sad lives of unfluilled promise and bitterness, snarky attitude to anything remotely positive.  In life you lose a lot more than you win, but a winner learns from those losses.