Change, iPhone 4, Sickos, victims, Fighting for the weak

by Peter Marus

Like the new layout?  figured it needed a change.

I am fully back in the warm embrace of Apple.  I picked up an iPhone 4 for Verizon last week.  The temptation was there-upgrade eligability, all Apple in my house, missing the iPhone-there was temptation.  What put me over the edge was when I was playing with my girlfriend's iPhone (which I got her for Valentine's Day, so I guess I brought that on myself).  Last week I walked into the Verizon store by my job, and in a half hour had my phone.  It feels great to be back in the Apple fold.  

Two things had me enraged Sunday.  First wsa watching "Toddlers and Tiaras", whichis the creepiest fucking show ever.  Watching these sick fucks called parents warping litle kids (and babies) shows that some shouldn't breed.  On top of it, the kids were nothing but porn for the pedophiles out watching this show.  The "parents" were a bunch of fat, insecure, shallow pieces of white trash, who spend their entire lives making these kids something they weren't-good looking.  Along the way they are ensuring the kids have even worse self-esteem.  These white trash scumbags may not know how to raise a kid, but I'm sure they know how to make a still or meth lab with no problem.  The only way each episode could end on a high note is if the rooms where the pagents are held is closed and sealed, then poisonous gas is pumped in the room killing everyone.  Why? To make sure this evil doesn't exist.   

Later that night, "60 Minutes" did an expose on a "doctor" who conned sick and dying people to give him hundreds of thousands of dollars for a "miracle treatment" to cure them.  This asshole said stem cells injected into the patient will cure people with ALS, or whatever affliction this fucker can sell on the sick.  A guy who does this should just have someone walk behind him put a gun to his head, pull the trigger, and that's it.  Actually he should be subjected to the fucked up treatments he does, and see how much pain he's putting the helpless through as he gets suitcased of money.

Don't get me wrong, there are some who deserve to be hustled and fucked over, but not the helpless or people who dont stand a chance.  It sickens me to read and see stories about predators taking avantage of the week.  I think abot my mom, my dog, and all those I know who could be in this postiion of being a victim, and I want to make sure they won't be.  I worry about them and I hope those who read this are worried about those who they care about and hope your loved ones aren't victims.  I have to fight for those I love, and I hope and expect the people who read this will fight for their loved ones.