short and sweet entry. Adidas fanboy I am, but cool, comfortable, and sexy

by Peter Marus

No lunchtime entry, but that was because I was busy. I had to go get new sandals and a rash guard, but I also got new sneakers. Tey were the first non-Converse. Sneakers I've gotten in years. I got some Adidas Sambas, and they look good. So with the Sambas, Adidas sandals, all in my Adidas gym bag, I must have looked like a tool. Who cares, they make damn fine products, especially soccer gear.

Tonight I used a rash guard for the first time. It is a form fitting shirt that helps move sweat off my skin, and protects it from funky crap, like what is on my wrist. I got to sat I love it. It feels good, keeps me cool and not felt weighed down by sweat. It worked out great. I may pick up another one. Plus I look DEAD SEXY in it.

Arm is getting better, but may try something aggressive to try to get it gone.