Midday musings 3/14/11. HAPPY PI DAY

by Peter Marus

The world is going to shit, And Penn State is doing well in basketball. Not saying they are connected, just saying...

The lounge is something I don't get. I usually feel like a fish out of water in one of them. I went to one Saturday night for a friends birthday. Now, I had a good time, but those type of places aren't my vibe. I get there, get looked over like I had to be dressed right, and warned about my sneakers. I go down to the lounge and it's that, to me, scam called "bottle service". $200+ so a group gets one bottle of vodka that costs $20 at most, but also a cubicle to hang in. I don't get it, but that's me. Also lounges that charge a ton for imported beer (none of that dirty domestic stuff), it better came directly from it's country of origin.

My vibe is a bar that is either named after an Irish person, or has at least one Irish person behind the bar. I prefer that person to be bitter, the more the better-means it's an established spot and been there for generations. And the entire place is all wood, I want to feel like I'm in a fire trap. It has to be simple:decent selection of beer, some hard liquor, and the feeling that it's common people.

That's if I go to a bar. I hate drunks, and the more one drinks around me, the less patience I have with them.