by Peter Marus

I'm tired of:
My job
Having all my boss talking to me as if I am a child
Completing my work correctly, only to have it sabotaged by one of the several people that my work must pass through to be considered done
Being second guessed every single step I do
Silk nooses around my neck
Being in a company that accepts mediocrity
Having people who scream how we are a team, family only to be anything but. Acting in selfish ways, then scolding me when I do the same
Working countless hours saving the company major money, and not even get a "good job", let alone any bonus
And many many more things

I was inspired by something a person wrote to me yesterday, and I am debating to get out of corporate jobs and try to get a real job, where what do I see the results.

This vacation couldn't come at a better time. I am writing this in Jetblue's terminal taking advantage of their wifi. I hope to take part of this vacation to figure out what I want to do next.

There will be updates on my twitter, Facebook, and here about my trip.

See ya