Comments, Spam, Art, White Girl Wasted, GSS, art

by Peter Marus

So first off, I was asked why the comments were shut off a while ago. I thought i mentioned this, but I will again. I shut the comments off since i was getting spam and crap on random entries and I was tired of editing them. So I shut them off. I will restart them again, and if it gets bad again, they get shut off for good. Also, comments will be screened and if I don't think they are worthy or appropriate of the entry, this site, or my principals, they will be deleted. Should anyone have a problem with that, stop reading this site and don't bother coming back. I don't need or want those who don't get it, and i don't have the energy to explain myself over and over. Read the past entries and figure me out. If after that you don't get me, then go away. You are not wanted and/or would be liked by me.

I spent my weekend going to parties and events. All of them were very enjoyable. Friday night's activities showed me a few things. First i was proven I am not crazy, there are many others out there like me, and everyone else is crazy. I also found probably the greatest cookies I have ever had in Manhattan. I will have to find an excuse to go get more from this shop. After that i learned what "white girl wasted" means, and how quickly alcohol can turn a happy, bubbly person into a belligerent,mean person. But it was a god time.

Saturday night I went to the Garden State Supporters first annual art show and auction. It was a great idea to showcase the artistic skills of people, of which there are quite a bit of talented people. Again, a crime creative subjects and classes are getting axed, and artistic people are losing channels to show their creativity. It was a great time seeing some people i haven't seen in a while, especially some of the Empire Supporters Club people. It's good to see i am still cool with some of the people running things. Anyway, a lot of people came out, some art was sold (my girlfriend won one auction), and the club made some money.

Now I am off to figure out why I should go to work tomorrow, and enjoy my tiger blood and Adonis DNA.