Midday musings-3/7/11

by Peter Marus

As I was sitting at my job, I came up with the idea to do something at lunch. First it helps me with my writing skills and creativity, but also it helps keep my mind off the bullshit I have to deal at my job. Remember when I said I was getting rid of the negative people with loser mentalities in my life? Well that counts with jobs as well.

-First is a link to a story about what is happening in that dumbass redneck state of Florida.


If this crap happens when I am down there, I will start a problem. I will demand the cop show up and I will refuse to show ID. If I am using legal tender, which is what American currency is, no one has a right to ask for my ID over it.

-Did I mention my girlfriend was a winner at the GSS auction. She won a cool piece of art for her place.

-Congrats to Penn State for being Big Ten champs in wrestling. I believe it's their first title, and can't wait to see what MMA fighters come from the team. There has to be a few

So what do you think of this midday musings idea?