Midday Musings 3/8/11. Ladies, oil, crazy people

by Peter Marus

-it's International women's day today. So I am guessing the kitchens around the world will be packed as the women cook for the men of this world.

-it astounds me that people expect a scarce resource like oil to somehow get cheaper when there is less of it. People, stop bitching and moaning of the price of gas so much (unless there is some gross gouging/scamming) going on). I don't know how much three is left-some theories are it is a renewable resource or much more than believed-but there hasn't been any real alternatives yet. The hybrids and electric cars still need gas/oil in one way or another. The water/hydrogen cars are dangerous, apparently every person who makes one eventually is driven to suicide by two bullets to the back of their heads.

The best video, showing why Charlie Sheen still is not THAT crazy. It's a fair and accurate comparison