"Too big to fail"

by Peter Marus

Forgive the short entries and their mediocre content. Forcing my self to write more to practice. I want and need to write to get better at it.

I watched the HBO movie "Too Big to Fail" tonight. It's based on the book that has the same title. It's about the banking crisis of 2008, and what happened behind the scenes. The book and this film shows how fucked up the system is in this country, and that we are nothing but slaves to these banks. What's worse is that the morons who we the people elect to look out for us, and not coincidentally mostly lawyers, continually fuck over the people and profit off these scams. It's enraging how much these elitist scumbags get away with almost murder (but they do "murder" the economy) without an ounce of shame or accountability.

The cast was probably one of the best assembled ever for an HBO film. I remember this was shot by my old job in Manhattan and seeing some of the cast walking around during production. It was odd seeing some of the scenes, which were literally right outside the front door of the building my old job was in. Somehow it brought up not so happy memories of that place.