friends- everyone needs them

by Peter Marus

I spent this weekend in a lot of social situations. I was at parties this weekend and got to see some old friends and I realized how important the idea of friendships are. At the party I was at Saturday, I saw a lot of people I haven't seen in almost a year (at least in a situation where I hung out with them). It was really awesome, especially considering that some of them honestly had a right to tell me to go fuck myself. The whole time was good, and it showed me who has my back and who are willing to help me out as much as I try to help them out.I hope to see them more this summer, when get to a game or two. I will try to keep in touch with them, which is a fault of mine in that I don't keep in touch.

Sunday was sort of the same thing, but it helped show who near and dear to me really have my back, and how appreciative I am to have them in my life anyhow they feel the same about me. Talking about future plans and how I shouldn't worry about things and it will all work out made me feel calmer and just feel better.

My friends give me a lot. I need those who are different than me to give me a full view of all subjects to help me figure out how to feel about things in life. Hence why I have a bunch of bleeding-hearts and hippies around me. The also have opened my eyes to things in life that have made me go to and do things I probably would not have done. Do t ever shut yourself out completely, and live in your head or world. Reach out to someone, those who do care about you will listen. Just do t do s to make yourself a burden to them. Those people aren't needed in life and bring all the problems they have on themselves.

I feel lucky to have these people in my life. I thank God often, and I try to tell and show the how's much I value them. If you are one of those I am referring to, thank you. thank you for all you have done and said to help me become who I am.