Democratization of Social Media Makes me Wish for Facism Sometimes...

by Peter Marus

I need to ask some of you people. How the Hell can you live amongst the negativity in most of your daily lives and "social interactions"?

I ask that because I tried really, really, hard to read some of the old Internet forums I used to frequent not so long ago. These included the forums of both supporters clubs of the New York Red Bulls, the forums that I stared looking at many years ago,, and the biggest soccer forum I know, (or as I like to call them Big$ucka after their greed and attempt to fleece the members led to a lot of people leaving). I honestly can't fathom how I used to read these sites. I read a lot of personal attacks on other members over small shit, snarky remarks about people's long, well crafted, and intelligent postings. It was nauseating to say the least, and sad to know that I personally know many of the "authors" who hide behind their alter-ego screen names (which some even pathetically want others to call them by). I admit I was at this point not too long ago, but I moved on. Why do you think I only do my writing here? And not under another name like some coward?

What makes it worse is not only the attitude from these forums, but the retardation of most participants' social IQ is present when they leave the comfort of the computer and enter the realm of reality. On top of it, alcohol is almost always present, so the 12-year old mentality grows worse. So the overall snarky, negative, immaturity is ratcheted up many times over. It is this garbage that caused me to stop going to games last year in disgust, and damn near for good. I'm not looking for everyone to hold hands and sing in happiness like a bunch of bleeding-heart hippies. I know that ain't happening. In a perfect world, I'd like to see people act like people and not like a bunch of scared animals who hide behind their computer like they probably hid behind their mother's when they were younger. When these pussies get called out on it, the sayings are "Hey, I was joking, we're cool." or "why you so serious?" or "C'mon, admit it, that was funny". Anything to make sure they don't have to take responsibility for their shit.

This isn't just on Internet forums. Look at comments on any online news article these days. the bullshit that happens there is just as pathetic and stupid. There is no Intelligent conversation going on, or at least it doesn't stay that way for long. Because some ignorant failed abortion thinks he's a fucking comedian, they will throw a moronic statement or insult out there to bring down an intelligent conversation because they are too stupid to add something smart. After that the discussion is tainted and no longer valid or worth the time to read,

This is why I almost never read Internet forums or comments on an article online. I don't need to read cheap shots at the author or another reader, or just ramblings of people who aren't adding anything to the conversation. I choose not to. At least Twitter is more controllable, as well as Facebook and gaming networks like PSN or XBOX Live. I can block anyone I don't like or ignore the people I rather not deal with. I don't need a million random people following my twitterer Facebook account. I rather have a few who "get" me, and I "get" them.