Father's Day, Forgiveness

by Peter Marus

This past weekend was Father’s Day.  I did the usual go to my dad’s gravesite and put flowers on it.  Oh yeah, it was fun.  Each year it isn’t as painful and the previous, but it still sucks.  I hope all those who read this did take time to say hello and thank you to your father, or whoever was the “father figure” in your lives.  If you haven’t I’m sure you have your reasons, legit or not.


So in he time I’ve not worked, it’s afforded me the time to think and put some perspective on my life.  I find myself a lot happier, calmer, and I have a clearer outlook on my life.  There is one thing That I recently chose to do and I want to say here.  Most of my life I’ve had held a lot of baggage and anger to many people.  Many who have done wrong to me, and I’ve honestly responded in kind.  When I chose to try to put my life in a more positive light, I ignored this part at first.  I recently started thinking about some in my past, and the pain they have caused, and started to get angry.  IT was at this point I thought “What the Hell, I don’t need this”,  and decided to release myself of this shit.  So, I decided to forgive all those who have hurt me, and caused me any type of inconvenience in my life. When I decided to do this, I felt a lot better and its one less thing on my mind.


Now, before you think I’m going to go hold hands and dance with everyone that has done wrong, your sorely mistaken.  I forgive the acts, but not the people.  The acts are what they are, that’s over and done and I'm moving forward.  The people behind them are totally different.  Some I probably could mend fences with, provided they do the same as I do and forgive and move on.  The other people are just bad people, who are have, negative, toxic attitudes and ways they live their lives that I don’t want in my life now, or I will not have them back in my life.  They would have to preform a complete 180 in their lives to have me even consider letting them back into my life.  So now I can go where I want, into any situation, feeling cool and at peace having all that toxic bullshit out of my head and heart.


Some who may read this probably understand where I am coming from, and know what I am forgiving them for.  My question is do they have the “testicular fortitude” to do the same.   This is not an easy thing to do, forgiving others for the wrongs they do takes balls.  It takes more balls to do that than hold the pain and issues you have inside you like a coward.


Will you or can you do the same to others?  Will/can you forgive others for their sins?