Gay Pride Parade, and why all the hate for the LGBT community?

by Peter Marus

I spent my sunday marching in the NYC Gay Pride parade with the Empire State Pride Agenda group. No, I'm not out or anything, I marched with my girlfriend who asked me to march with her. I decided to march because I am one who believe that the LGBT community deserve to be treated as equals. The ESPA are a group who do have righteous means and values, and I thought it would be good to march with them. If you have never been to or seen the Gay pride parade, you are missing out on an awesome party. It's probably the best parade the city holds, since there isn't a cloud of negativity like there is with the Irish and Puerto Rican parades. Seriously, gay or not, you should go to the parade once and see how awesome the mood and energy is.

It drives me nuts and I can't understand why there is hatred to the LGBT community. I also do get this "they are pushing their gay agenda". Do you want to know what their "agenda" is? It's to live their lives how they fucking want to, spending the disposable income there is-which they have much more of compared to straight people-and have a good time without some bigoted bullshit to deal with. People, let them do them and live their lives. I'm sure you have enough to deal with in your lives, stop worrying about what the GAYS do, and make YOUR life better.

This may sound fucked up, but to me those anti-gay bigots treat the LGBT community like they are a combo of how they portray drug dealers, AIDS patients, and those recruiting for a cult. According to them, LGBT aggressively push themselves onto anyone around them, trying to rape them and hounding people, while trying to brainwash people to join them. My experiences have been anything but. I have been hit on by some gay men, and when I mentioned I'm not, they are cool about it and that's it. I've honestly had some of the best, most intelligent conversations with gays and lesbians. I find them just fine to hang out with.

I am proud to gave LGBT friends, and I got their backs if shit goes down. I may not fully understand all of their culture, but I'm not going to be afraid or judge them due to my ignorance of the situation.

Learn to live, learn to love. If you can't do that, or you have an issue with me about how I feel about the LGBT community, I feel sorry for you. I probably want nothing to do with you if you read this and had a snarky, shitty thought about me and what I wrote.